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   (updated March 29, 2010)

"PC Video Editor"

       March 29, 2010 . . . Big Mike wanted to get the Pinnacle Studio Moviebox Deluxe Version 9 (USB 2.0) with the works. Then he will have to upgrade the software from version 9 to a Studio suite version 10 (or a more current version).
       Instead . . . . March of 2009 during a basketball North Sectional game. A friend that works for a cable network gave him the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12. Because Mike got a new computer May of 2008. Which is suppose to be able to handle the powerful video editing program.
       He will have to learn how to use the computer video editor. So he can edit for local station WBHS-34, DJMC Entertainment and more from his home at a price.
       He does need to upgrade his computer a bit to make the computer work correctly for the editor. What Mike knows so far is . . . . . A external/internal hard drive over 500 GIG of space or more just for video, music and photo work only. Gonna need at least a total of 4 GIG of memory on the motherboard. Have to get a USB 2.0 port. Do not know what else he might need to have a smooth run.
       Mike currently has 3 GIGS of memory on motherboard as of November 2009. A friend of Mike gave him a external 1 Tera Byte hard drive (1,000 GIG hard drive). But it is giving Mike problems. Also had a big virus on it. It is all cleaned out though.
       Mike lost the Jasc Animation program when he upgraded to the newest version of Paint Shop Pro 12 in 2008. The program deleted the Jasc Animation Shop 3.

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