Big Mike photos with stars, MS Tours, HRD and more!
   (Updated November 10, 2005)

BIG MIKE's Photo Page One.

       Welcome to the Photo Page One. You will see photos of Mike and his favorite photos on this page. Mike like to thank his friends and family for the use of a digital camera and for letting him scan his photos on there scanner. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in GIF color format.

Here is IWF Don Montoya and Big Mike in Nutley, NJ October 1998. He is cool and baaaad. (smile)

Here is the one and only, Big Mike Dowd. Editor for local cable channel WBHS-34 Comcast. Photo was taken in 1998.

Here is Joe Piscipo and Big Mike at the Montclair Golf Club in July 1999.

Here is Mike and a reporter from New Jersey cable channel News 12 June 1999.

Big Mike posing with his awesome bike. Photo was taken June 2000.

Big Mike posing with the WBHS three live cameras back in 1999.

Big Mike wants to really go. Broooooooommmm !!! This photo was taken at the Meadowland's Fair back in June 1999.

You ever see the TV ad of Tracy Ullman and Chris Burke. Well, here is my friend Chris Burke and I from May 1999.

Big Mike chatting with reporter Chris from cable channel News 12 at Mike Chieffo's Christmas 1999.

Big Mike pose in front of a billboard in Easton, PA during the spring of 1999. He rode his bike from where his oldest sister lives. Which is 2 and a half miles in New Jersey.

Okay! Here is Big Mike in the first round of the ice cream eating contest done by the Applegate Farm in Montclair, NJ in June 1999. Mike came very close of winning. The guy (#5) left of the photo won.

Big Mike getting his chance to holding the WKTU 103.5 FM microphone at the Meadowland's Fair June 1999.

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