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   (updated May 14, 2006)

'Big Mike' Cold Rain Start MS-170 Tour

* Anyone wishing to join the bike tour or become a volunteer in the Mid-Jersey Chapter, give a call at (732)-660-1005.

*** (July 29, 2002)*** Now here is the load down with the stuff that happened during the Mid-Jersey Chapter MS-170 bike tour on May 18 & 19, 2002.

May 18th...... It was raining the time I woke up this morning. Pouring and windy in Sandy Hook, NJ. My mother thought it was not a good idea to ride in this. I even thought the same thing. Almost did give up when I was at the register table. The wind was really whipping all over the place. WNBC-4 was at the bike tour. They stayed at the start of the tour though. When I started off on the bike. I realized the wind was in favor of the bikers. Had tial wind all the way to Seaside Heights, NJ. Was doing like 20 to 26 miles per hour most of the time. I loved it. It was a chilly day with the rain and wind. Each time you stop at a rest stop. You get cold quickly. Not good! The rain slowly stopped. But the wind picked up and changed direction a bit. Mainly, I would reach lunch about 12:30pm. I reached lunch....a new lunch at the edge of Toms River. The Recreation about 11:30am. One hour ahead of schedule. Cool!! But I was shivering a lot the whole time I was at lunch. Almost gave up at lunch. I called mom and she thought the same thing. But guess what?? I warmed up a bit. Jumped onto my bike about 1:30pm and pedaled on. I always stay at lunch for 45 to 60 minutes. But this time was 2 hours. I amazed myself sometimes. Rode all the way to the finish of the first day. Which was Pineland Regional middle school and high school in Tuckerton, NJ. I was shivering, cold and wet. First thing I did was take a nice warm shower and put on warm dry clothes. Ate dinner and read my book. Did call mom that I did not give up. To bed I go by 9:45pm. Was pretty tired.

May 19th......Woke up like 6am. Prepare to bike today by having a big breakfast and getting the bike ready. Cleaned my bike from dirt and sand. Called my mother and took off at 7:35am. The morning was kinda chilly. The tempeature was in the high 30 degrees range. It took a bit to warm up when biking. Wind was sometimes bothering bikers. Breeze from the ocean like I thought. What a day for the ocean breeze. Reached the finish line at the US Coast Guard Station in Cape May, NJ by 4:45pm. Had a BBQ, listen to music and chatting with a new friend that is on the EMS volunteer team. Called mom when the bus is going to leave. Then Sandy Hook two hours after leaving Cape May. What a tour?

***Raised a total of $1,456.00 for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. Still getting a few people that owes money. (smile)

***To know more about riding or volunteering in May 2003 bike tour for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. Then give a call to 732-660-1005 for more information.

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