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   (updated May 25, 2010)

"Almost A Flawless Ride"

               May 22, 2010 . . . Mike has done it again for the 18th time in the New Jersey Metro Chapter "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. Want to count the other way. Mike been in the Coast the Coast since 1993. Anyway . . . the weather was good this year. It was a little humid, sun mix with clouds, some wind and some rain.

       Ready to hear Mike's story of the MS-170 bike tour.

       May 22nd . . . Mike got up about 5:00am saturday morning. Ate and dressed in cycling outfit. Got the bike ready. Put everything in the car. Him and his mother left awhile later in the morning. Reached Monmouth University about 7:00am. Early this time. No rushing this time around. Got to eat a little more food and take photos at the start line. Met old friends.
       Mike started out with the main group at 8:06am. Sn and some clouds. Nice outside.

  • Made the 1st rest stop at the Huismann Gazebo in Belmar, NJ at 8:50am at stated on Mike's Watch. TM: 00:41:21, MX: 23.0, AV: 16.9, DST: 11.6 with sun and clouds with a nice breeze. To many cyclist to cycle behind from start to this first stop.
  • Mike blew through the 2nd restop. Which was the Breille Cyclery on Route 71 at 8:53am.
  • Mike reached the 3rd restop at the Centennial Park near Seaside Heights area at 10:43am. TM: 2:212:50, DST: 36.02, MS: 28.1, AV: 16.2. The weather is mix skies with sun and clouds. Nice out still.
  • Mike took some photos before this rest stop. He made the 4rd restop at the Washington Street School in Toms River, NJ at 11:33am. A good friend Leo stopped by to hang with Mike a short time. Even a few photo was taken. TM:2:40:53, MX: 30.6, AV: 16.1, DST: 43.34. Sun and clouds and nice.
  • Made it to lunch at 12:20pm. Lunch is at Cedar Creek School in Lacey, Township, NJ. Got some head winds before reaching this lunch spot. TM: 3:16:28, DST: 52.69, AV: 16.0. Sun and clouds and nice out. Out of lunch at 1:15pm.
  • Before reaching the 6th rest stop stop. Mike crossed over the Garden State Parkway at 1:50pm. He made the 6th rest stop at 1:53pm. Which is the Ocean Vo-Tech on Route 532. TM: 3:51:55, AV: 16.1, DST: 62.37, Weather still nice out. No changes.
  • Reached the 7th and final rest stop of the day at Warren Grove Volunteer fire Station on Route 539 at 2:33pm. Weather still nice. TM: 4:22:10, DST: 70.79.
  • Before reaching the finish today. Mike crossed over the Garden State Parkway at 3:16pm. Made it to the finish of the day at 3:46pm at the Pineland Regional middle School. Final stats was TM: 5:19:15, AV: 15.9, DST: 85.14, MX: 30.6.
        First thing Mike did was call his mother to say he reached Tuckerton, NJ. Say HI to DJ Fred and listen to his music for a short time. Then park his bicycle in the school hallway. Clean the top of each water bottle. So it is clean. Find his huge bag. Unpack his stuff in the gym on the wrestling mats. Took a shower in a CO-ED shower. Then jumped onto the yellow bus for Tuckerton Light house for dinner. When that was not enough. Mike walked two buiding north and ate at Stewarts. Took a few photos of course. Then took the last bus back the the Regional School. Charge up the iPod Nano and cell phone. Read the locall Belleville times paper and comic books. Plus chatting and texting in the caefiteria. Clouds with a few peaks of the moon outside. The school staff turned out all lights before 9pm. For the first time ever. The hallway lights are out as well. Wow !!! Then I went to bed after 9pm. Very tired !

       May 23rd . . . Mike woke a few times before 5am. One old lady was playing with her flashlight around 4am. Doing so for about 30 minutes. Kept Mike awake. She packed and left. Then before you know it. The gym lights are on at 5am. Mike was like . . . . you gotta be kidding me. He covers his eyes under his sleeping bag awhile. He got up little after 5:30am. Pack, got dressed, eat breakfast and chat with friends. Listen to the good speeches. Called his mother to say he is leaving in a few minutes. Pump up his tires and left at 7:30am. Not chilly out. Clouds and a few peaks of sun.

  • Reached and passed the 1st restop at the Lower Bank at 8:11am with m. cloudy skies.
  • Reached the 2nd rest stop at Port Republic by the Garden State Parkway at 8:48am. TM: 1:16:58, AV: 17.1, MX: 26.1, DST: 21.97. still m. cloudy. Got some breeze.
  • Couple of miles before reaching the Egg Harbor rest stop. Felt a few rain drops and also got a rear flat tire. Started to change it up and then DJ Bikery came by and finished it up. Made it to the 3rd rest stop at Egg Harbor Township Police Dept at 10:20am. TM: 2:15:02, AV: 15.9, MX: 26.1, DST: 35.84. Cloudy and some wind.
  • Before reaching Ocean City lunch. It started to rain good after crossing over the Route 152 bridge. Put on my blue rain coat. Glasses full of rain drops. Following 2 bikers. They split up and I almost cycled into 2 ladies walking on the bridge. Anyway . . . Made it to lunch at the Ocean City H.S. at 11:20am as stated on the watch. Was getting chilly after sitting down eating lunch. Could not wait to get back onto the bike. So he can warm up. TM: 3:00:58, AV: 15.2, MX: 26.1, DST: 46.09. Out of lunch no clue. Due to the battery in the watch going dead.
  • Made it to the 4th rest stop at Sea Isle Ambulance Corps at 1:16pm (cell phone clock). TM: 3:42:09, AV: 156, DST: 57.93. Cloudy out. Sun trying to peak.
  • Mike passed the Avalon Ave Center rest stop. He kept on going when the MS staff waved me to stop. I said I am keeping on going. . Do not remember the time passing this rest stop.
  • Mike entered Wildwood at 2:16pm. Then made it to the start of the boardwalk is 2:27pm. Mike made it to the final rest stop of the tour at 2:35pm. Hung out for a tiny bit. Said HI to a few good friends there.
  • Mike stopped at Starlux Hotel to see if this nice lady was around. No luck! Then he cycled to the hue Wildwood sign by the boardwalk and took photos at 2:58pm. Then Mike continued on. Before leaving Wildwood. Thin layer of fog was in the area. Mike made it to the US Coast Guard Station in Cape May, NJ at 3:36pm. Some tiny peaks of sun. TM: 5:24:47, DST: 84.23, MX: 25.5, AV: 15.5.
       Sioon as I arrived. I called my omtoehr to say I made it. Then got the bus tag. Then called my mother back to say I got the 5pm bus. Got my huge bag. Pulled out the clothes I planned to wear. Changed. Brought the bike to the spot where the 5pm bus going to be. Take off the front wheel and tag the front wheel with my bike number #34. Go eat, listen to DJ Fred music and chat a little here & there. Got onto the bus for 5pm and headed out on time. Drove through rain along the way up the Garden State Parkway. Even fell alseep along the way. Made it to Monmouth University in Long Branch around 7pm. Put everything into my mother's car and drove an hour home. Home after 8:15pm. Put everything away. Took a nice clean shower, eat and tv. Got a headache and very tired. That be all.

       Said it a couple of times and will say it again. Every year is NEVER the same. Do not know what to expect. This bike tour was almost flawless. The bike tour this year came with sun, clouds, some head wind, some rain and wind. Mother Nature did a hiccup. But we fought back and finished the bike tour. Some may be aching and in a bit of pain. It all goes away in time. Those that has multiple sclerosis . . . . . it does not. We are riding for them. To show we care. To help to one day find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

       Mike raised a total of $2,450.00. Mike would love to thank everyone for pledging/donating in person, by postal mail and online. Thanks for helping Big Mike stay above the $2,000 range for 6th year in a row. Even with the tough economy. Thanks!!

       If you like to learn more about this MS chapter. Please go to New Jersey Metro Chapter for more information.

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