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 (Updated August 17, 2015)

       The site links you see on this page are pretty good. These links has good information. The first thing you need to do before checking out any of the links. Please go check out the New Jersey Multiple Sclerosis site.
      KIDS . . . Please get permission from your parents before clicking any links below. Should have permission to enter any websites.
      All links on this site has been checked and are safe. Website links below are NOT done by Bike Mike World. Website links below are owner of that site. If you have any questions about that particular website. Please contact that site. NOT Big Mike.
      Please e-mail Big Mike if there is any link breaks, that site has bad language or bad photos. So he can quickly take that website off. Click the BM Mail envelope above in the navigation bar. Thank You !!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO New Jersey Metro Chapter
MS Greater North Jersey Chapter from Paramus, NJ and the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter from Oakhurst, NJ has merged as one. Here is the Multiple Sclerosis New Jersey Metro Chapter. They have a cool MS-170 bike tour in May and the cool MS-100 bike tour in September. They have information about the two great events. Also have information about Multiple Sclerosis and there chapter. How they run things. Go on in to learn more. The both tour can be fun and or a challenge. Got some hills on one tour and flat ride on the other one for you. A fun and safe bike tour or Mike would not be in any of them. Do not forget that they also do a MS Walk in April.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Sqor Sports (USA)
It like twitter and facebook and instagram in one. But it 100% all sport related. Brian Whilite is the CEO/Founder of Sqpor Sports. Started the summer of 2014. Bike Mike is a member and a NJ Special Olympic Athlete on Sqor sports. Come on board. Check it out. See if your favorite athlete is on Sqor Sports. Can follow how they doing or what they doing. Like and post a comment to them. Sometimes they could be doing giveways . . . . It truely SQORtastic. :)

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Steve Weatherford (USA)
Steve Weatherford is a punter for the New York Giants. Steve is a great and all around wonderful person. Has 4 kids and a wonderful wife. He is a health freak also. A motional speaker and more. Steve has a foundation called "World of Champion Foundation". Buying gears from his site will help his foundation.

The New York Giants is Bike Mike favorite football team. Whether they win or lose. Mike will still be rooting for the team thru the football season.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Lil Burger (NJ, USA)
The owner is pretty cool. Opened up it first fast food place in Nutley, NJ. The other well known small burger meat is thin and sqaure. Lil Burger patties is thicker and round. Lil Burger taste great. Has more choices. People at Lil Burger are friendly. Mike wishes them lots of success in the business. Say Bike Mike recommeneded you there.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Camp Marcella
This be Mike's most favorite camp in the world. He has gone to this camp for 12 years. It is those that is visually blind / impaired and handicap for kids and teens. Learn more by going to this offical website. Kids and teens will make lots of friends and will surely have a great time. A time of your life. Something you will never forget.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Becky's Drive In
Becky's Drive In website includes movie show times, pictures, history, souvenirs, directions, weather, and much more. Pony Rides on Fridays and Saturdays when they feature PG & PG13 movies geared for children. Now a bit of history. It wasn't until 1946 that Route 45 Drive-In opened at it's present day Becky's location. With help from his wife Alice, and numerous family members, Route 45 Drive-In (then named for the road it was located on) was a success. Around 1971 the state of PA changed the highway number from Route 45 to Route 248. To learn more about Becky's Drive In. Go to the website. Say Bike Mike from Belleville, NJ sent you.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO CoffeeCup Inc
Big Mike wind up becoming friends with CoffeeCup Inc. A great bunch of software with a great bunch of CoffeeCup Staff. If you are a webmaster, web designer or editing your personal homepage. Want something simple and easy to use. Then check out You can try before you buy. Tell them you have been recommended by Bike Mike from That is how this new website was created. SMILE!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO World Wide Gear
Website is down for the time being. World Wide Gear sells uniforms for all kinds of sports. Even school sports uniforms and jackets. Also a big supporter to Big Mike.They gave Mike a really cool gift. Which is a Bike Mike high school style jacket in 2004. Please support them by going to the website and checking out the products. Thanks!!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO "Perfect Pitch" Home-Run Derby
The Perfect Pitch HRD website has been re-done. My friend has done the final event on June 3, 2007. They have been doing the Homerun Derby for 6 years. But they will continue to raise money in other ways for special groups. The one way is selling raffle tickets and sell memorbilia items. To raise money for disabled and disadvantaged children and it is a good way to show how much he cares. Also to help a Special Troop. His name is Mike and his partner is also name Mike. These two awesome guys are great. They both have a big heart like Bike Mike does.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Tour de France offical website
You into bicycle racing. Then you need to check out "Tour de France". You can also buy TdF (Tour de France) products to. Check out the last TdF race.

These folks from Westfield Audio and Visual did a great job with taking photos at the September 2005 MS-100 bike tour. Wind up becoming friends with the two owner of the photo company. Check out there site. Say you reach the site through Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Montclair Bikery
The owner and the rest of the Bikery crew are great people. Nice bike shop and honest. This bike shop is located on Valley Road in Mnotclair, NJ. This bike shop is also one of many sponsors involved in the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 bike tour. They are mostly involved in racing. Go to there website for more information. You can also check out the Racing Flyer on area races. The Bikery has hepled Mike a few times in the past. Got him out of a jam a few times during 2006 and early 2007.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Cycle Craft Bike Shop
Here is a really awesome bike shop. Cycle Craft bike shop is in three locations in New Jersey. The locations are Chester, NJ, Parsippany, NJ and Long Valley, NJ. They have everything you need to get out pedaling. Cycle Craft even has a wall mounted replica Lance Armstrong bike. Plus other great stuff at the bike shop. They have helped Big Mike with preparing for Multiple Sclerosis bike tours the past few years now. Cycle Craft volunteered in the Greater North Jersey MS-100 bike tour for the first time in 2007. The bike shop that got Mike the awesome Cannondale bike in 2004. Thanks!!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO DJMC Entertainment
DJMC does birthdays, weddings and other special occasion for a reasonable price. Have known him since high school. He be Michael Chieffo from DJMC Entertainment. Mike also does a Christmas event every year in December. Photo with Santa, snack, music from WKTU radio, special characters, un-wrapped toys for kids with cancer and so on.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Harrison Weather Station
Here is a northeast New Jersey local weather station. Where a new friend works at. After hearing my new friend speak about the weather in my Boy Scout Troop. He got me more into weather. Mike talks about the weather all the time. All Mike's friends called him Weatherman Mike. So here is a cool live weather station from Harrison, NJ.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO National Down Syndrome Society
If you have a family member that has Down Syndrome or you just want to learn more about this. Please go to this site. Down Syndrome should not keep you from your dream. Chris Burke followed his dream of acting. He played as Corky on the 1980's and early 1990's TV hit show called "Life Goes On" and "Touched By an Angel". One of the event they hold each year is called the Buddy Walk. Like to know about other events. Then go to NDSS website. Mike helped one year at the Buddy Walk. It was fun and will not forget.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Cyber Storm Radio
A 24 hour Net Radio Station is on the air everywhere. This net radio station plays all un-signed artist. Get on there and check it out. You can hear shows like "Cocchi Countdown" for instance. Go to the site to find out new shows. The station broadcast from New Jersey, USA. Watch out for possible pop up ads when clicking on links on the site.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Jammin' Music Den
Jules Carey is a friend that Mike met at former Future Now Radio. She has a website that is called "Jammin' Music Den". Her music is cool! Jule is a wonderful person. She is a web designer and she also a singer. Big Mike got the chance to work with her on December 31, 2000 and Febraury of 2001. Say you entered her site from Bike Mike World.

Hey New York, New Jersey and Conn. States. Your number one radio station is on the world wide web. Go ahead and check it out. What they have is info about each of the D.J.'s, can buy a KTU T-shirt, has the "KTU Hit List", Contest info and lots more. When you do go in. Tell them that Big Mike from Bike Mike World sent you. This is Mike's most favorite radio station in the area.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Applegate Farm
Hellooooo ice cream lovers. Want to have some good tasting ice cream. Then go ahead and check out the 153 year old ice cream business. The Applegate Farm is located on Grove Street in the upper section of Montclair, N.J., on Centre Street in Nutley, NJ and a few more other locations here in the U.S.A. The first I ever been to Applegate Farm was when I was a kid. Applegate Farm does a Octoberfest in October in Montclair. Has free pumpkins, music, petting area, ice cream eating contest and more. Applegate Farm does hold special events throughout the year. The best one is in Upper Montclair on Grove Street. All open air service! (SMILE) Mike would liek to thank Applegate Farm for helping Mike with a big pledge in 2006.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Diamond Cycle
Diamond Cycle is located in Montclair, N.J. (U.S.A.) on Bloomfield Ave. They got the coolest road bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, skate boards and lots more. Even has used bikes for sale. They repair and tune-up bikes at a reasonable price. They also helped Mike prepare every year in the past for the two bike tours Mike did. If it was not for Diamond Cycle in 1990. Mike would not be in Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tours. Thanks!!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Welcome to BSA
Boy Scout of America is on the air. Go right ahead and check it out. Info on how Boy Scout got started and where the nearest council is for your son/nephew/cuz/grandson. This is in case they want to be apart of the adventure of scouting. Mike has been apart of a special boy scout troop since the early 1980's.

This television station is based in New York City. It serves the New York City and the metro area. It serves New York, New Jersey and Conn. This is one of Mike's few favorite local channels.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Weather Channel
The Weather Channel is a cable weather channel here in the U.S. It gives weather reports 24 hours a day. They also broadcast weather reports for your area to around the world on the internet. Have fun !! Mike is really into the weather. He always looks at the weather on tv and on the weather websites.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Nintendo Power
You into NES, SNES, GB, GB Color, GB Advance, GBA SP, N-64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii. Then get yourself in here to check out this page. You will get info about each system. About up coming games and lots more. Are you N or are you out!! Mike has SNES, GB SP. His favorite game is the old Mario games that he has on his Game Boy SP.

HBO stands for Home Box Office. In case you did not know that. You will know about up coming events and sometimes download some short video clips. Plus know about other HBO channels. Mike had the chance to meet the Sopranos a few times in the past. Two of the acotrs got a picture with Mike holding the 2002 olympic torch. Go to "BM Photos" page to see the photos.

You looking for an old friend from high school, grade school or maybe from college. Look no farther. Go in and see if your friend has a PC and list themself on the CLASSMATES LIST. You can also list yourself on the site for your friends to find you. Big Mike is on the list. Really!

Are you a New Jersey resident or a former New Jersey resident? This site has a lot of stuff. Weather here in N.J., to Webtalk, news and forums. So go right on in and see what going on in New Jersey, U.S.A. Have to be 13 and over in some parts N.J. Online site.

HEY, This be my second favorite radio station in the whole New York City tri-state area. You can find this station on 100.3 FM. Put it this way folks. The station been around since the early 1980's. It got good info about the station and a lots more. So check out there home page. Do not forget to E-mail them that "Bike Mike" sent you . . . . PEACE!

Check out this place. You could find what you be looking for from A to Z here on this well known search engine. Yahoo was on CNN in mid 1995. It started out as two guys in college and now they have there own business. Which is "Yahoo!". They also have a magazine out in stores called "Yahoo". Look for it. Yahoo also merged with a couple of company for online services. Which Big Mike is now on "AT&T Yahoo Dial". E-mail them that "BIG MIKE" sent you.

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