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   (updated June 10, 2006)

"11th Birthday Coming"

       Mike had been caring and maintaining his world since 1995. When he only had two pages. Gone through many changes and upgrades. Now Mike has his own domain name and a 1 giga bytes of storage on his friend hostname.
       Mike will try and celebrate when July 1, 2006 comes in. It is already a couple of weeks away.
       Anything can happen. SMILE!!
       So send Mike an email if you like to celebrate his eleven year old website in July.
       Here is the full history on how it all started. The story Mike typed up on July 13, 2005.
       This world that Mike created has turned ten years old in July of 2005. Mike's website has grown. Showing many things he does. Mike also returned favor by showing/putting his friends onto his website.
       Big Mike's user name between 1993 to 1996 was UJDJ89A on Prodigy. Mike website started as two pages from what use to be Prodigy Network in July of 1995. Mike's first homepage URL with /UJDJ89A >> The text was black, change text sizes and the background was white. Then . . . started to add color text and colored background as homepage makers wished. Even can change text size and thickness. As time went on. Web counters came in, adding photos and the storage size was allowed for homepages for homepage makers. Now it is . . . Mike's site grew as Prodigy allowed users more storage for homepages. HTML codes was starting to get better as the years gone by. Allowed photos, mpeg and music to be on homepages and so on. Prodigy changed to Prodigy Internet. Prodigy Classic slowly died out. Changed again to SBC Prodigy. Then to SBC Yahoo! Dial. Now it is AT&T Yahoo! Dial. Mike gets to keep his homepage without any changes and e-mail address stays the same. The only thing that changed was the storage size from 10MB to 15MB in the past four years.
       Mike was planning to go and try to talk to company and help him get more storage. Mike needs to update photos and upgrade the website when he is not to busy.
       Mike's website is here to stay. NO PLANS on going off the air. HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!!
       EEP is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bike Mike's wbesite. EEP sent a message of congratulations and hope Bike Mike's World last another 10 more years. (EEP...EEP...EEP!!!)


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