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"BikeMikeWorld New
Home Is Lunarpages"

       December 7, 2006 . . . Bike Mike World NEW web host home is now A much better web host.
     Great price for the bang. If your looking for a great web host with a great price. Lots of room and lots of extra. Then look at When you join You also get $700 worth of software from
     Lunarpages got word from CoffeeCup about Big Mike and wanted to help out. Lunarpages saw his website and went "aawwwwwwwwww!!". Lunarpages wanted to host It all happened on December 4, 2006.
     Bikemikeworld now also owns bikemikeworld.NET, bikemikeworld.ORG and bikemikeworld.US.
     Read more story in BM Sponsor page.

Bike Mike World new home is Lunarpages

     Mike was asked to give his comment about Lunarpages. He gave his testimonial and gave his photo. Lunarpages used his testimonial and photo in the testimonial rotation on the main page.
     Go ahead and check it out!

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