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(updated July 20, 2007)

"Henderson Walk With Diabetes"

        BIG MIKE WORDS: I had the chance to meet David online at forums. He talks about his walk now and then throughout the year 2006 and 2007. He also helped out those needing help on the web at He is a great person with a big heart like me. He does the big walk. I do the big bike ride. Both different. Both for a great cause.
        David started his walk on July 9th, 2007 from Moreton to Lourdes in S. France

David Send a message to Bike Mike         David Words from his website: My name is David Henderson and I am currently doing "A Walk with Diabetes". Please visit my MeridianMan Main Page to learn more about why I am doing this walk.
        A year ago a young man asked me how much money I hoped to raise walking from Moreton to Lourdes in S. France. “I don’t know, probably about 20 quid” I said. I had never consciously thought of myself as being a “fundraiser” but one thing leads to another, and here I am writing this letter.
       It all started when I found myself walking round in circles on the country lanes in an effort to rid myself of high blood sugar readings. I began to remember back in my youth “Dr Barbara Moore” walking from Lands End to John O’Groates, and I thought I would like to do that, or something like it.
       I was also asked, “What was I raising money for?” Well, I said, probably not Diabetes.
       When I was a very young boy a surgeon did an operation on my eye, which was to save it. This was at Cheltenham and I was soon back in Moreton Hospital, to be back home in no time. I remember going to the eye clinic at Moreton with my mum for many years after, and the surgeon would come over from Cheltenham and say “well done young man” as he examined my eye and re-prescribed a new pair of glasses. The sister in charge was a “Mrs Yoxhall”, some of you may have known her.
       The thing is, I never thanked them, and if I was to go back to the Hospital today they would not be there.
       So I thought maybe if I was going to be a fundraiser, and I had to be specific, I would raise money so that other young people have a chance to see, like I did. It was then I heard of the “Flying Eye Hospital”.
       This is what I hope to be fundraising for then, it is known as “Orbis”. They don’t know about me, and it’s my way of saying thanks to those great people of yester year.
       I will be on my way in July. Please spread the word and help me get that 20 quid, thanks.

To learn more about my friend David Henderson from England.
Please go ahead to: MeridianMan.

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