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"Bike Mike - The Richman Ride"

The year Bike Mike got the tree. Vinnie Frantantoni gave it to him.

     On wednesday morning of March 25, 2009. Bike Mike Dowd's friend Arthur Richman, 83, passed away. He is also friends with Perfect Pitch HRD and Attilio's Tavern owners. He was a former NY Yankees Advisor and a baseball sport writer. Arthur helped out at the Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby (HRD) event in June of every year. HRD is run by the awesome Michael Pesci. A nice story about Arthur Richman is on the offical New York Yankees website.
     Bike Mike had a problem with growing a tree he took care of for over ten years. With word and help by Michael Pesci to the Denville, NJ council. Township of Denville, NJ voted to plant the tree at Gardener Field in Denville, NJ. So Bike Mike's tree was planted on May 27, 2006. Mike even helped plant the wonderful tree.
     The tree is in Honor of Arthur Richman. In Memory of Donald S. from Boy Scouts, SGT. Chester Parciak that is Mike's grandfather and Belleville High teacher Albert Alves.
     On May 27, 2009, with the help from a great bunch of people like Bert, Mayor Dodd of Denville, Fritz, Michael Pesci, Gino and Lisa. Bike Mike had a wonderful bike trip from where he lives to Gardener Field and to Attilio's Tavern in Dover, NJ. Even had a picnic in Gardener Field. Mike even has a red, white and blue ribbon given to him by Fraknlin Farms to place on the tree.
     The weather called for 60 percent chance of showers for the day. It never came. Instead the sun peaked out a few times during the afternoon.
     Bad news out of the whole trip. Full story is by going to "BM News". The photos and a video coming should be coming in the near future.


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