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"Mike Bike Trip To
Gardener Field & Attilio's 2009"

     (May 26, 2009) Mike will so far be cycling from where he lives to Gardener Field in Denville, NJ on May 27th, 2009. Put a ribbon on the Big Mike tree that he took care of for over ten years. The awesome looking red, white and blue ribbon was supplied by Franklin Farms located in Belleville, NJ. Thanks for the huge ribbon.
     The tree honors and will remember Yankees advisor - baseball sport writer Arthur Richman. Arthur Richman past away the morning of March 25, 2009.
     In memory of Donald Stefanelli, Albert Alves and WW2 Sgt. Chester Parciak.
     Then after the small and wonderful event at Gardener Field in Denville, NJ. Mike will continue the bike ride. He will be cycling to Attilio's Tavern located on Route 46 east in Dover, NJ.

     (May 28, 2009) Well, that was the plan for May 27th. Things changed when Mike reached Gardener Field.
  • Mike woke up about 8:00am wednesday morning. Eat, tv, dress and pack up his backpack for the 30 plus mile bike trip. Even pumped up the both tires. Did some stretches outside in the drizzle. Had his blue wind breaker on to stay warm. Mike gets a call. Bert will meet him where Mike will start off.
  • Bert came at 11:05am. Took photos of Mike taking off at 11:10am. No rain so far. Been mostly cloudy. Mike took off his blue wind breaker as he warmed up.
  • Mike reached his rest stop break point at 12:40pm. Which is at the Historical Montville School Mesuem in Montville, NJ. Just off Route 22.
  • After taking off from the 10 minute break. Mike took off. He knew he had a challenge after going under a railroad bridge. Well, as soon he went under the bridge. He tried to change gear to get up the hill. He pushed the shift down to fast and to far. The chain popped off the gear. Bert saw him as Mike put the chain back onto the gear. Took off as soon the chain was on the gear again.
  • Took some photos at Mike favorite part of the ride. The four corners. Where Rockaway Valley and Powerville meets. A nice view of the two famrs.
  • A short time after leaving the four corners. The Denville Police saw him and escorted Mike all the way to Gardener Field in Devnille, NJ. Made it to Gardener Field about 1:35pm. Took some photos and videos. Which are being done by Mark and Daniel. Saying THANK YOU to the Denville Police for the escort through the township of Denville.
  • Mike rolled his bike down the short hill. So he can see his tree. So he can plan where he can put the big red, white and blue ribbon. After he got off his bicycle. He noticed the tree . . . . WAS GONE!!! All you see is the bare dirt spot where the tree use to be. Mike yelled . . . . Where is the tree? One by one . . . everyone looked and was also shocked and surprised as he was. We all looked around wondered where the tree went. Some thought the tree was mvoed. Then had lunch at the picnic table. Lisa and Gino said some nice things during lunch about the tree and Arthur Richman. At the table for lunch was Lisa, Gino, Mike, Bert, Fritz, Mark, Daniel and Bike Mike. Fritz and a few others made a few calls to find out what happened to the tree. Bike Mike was busy eating the ham and cheese sandwhich and talking. The person in charge of Gardener Field later came by to kindly explain what happened. The tree died.
  • News came up later during lunch. Lisa at first said we should all put a few bushes with flowers in the spot where the tree use to be. We all agreed and continued having lunch. Fritz stood up and said he would donate a nice tree he has in the front yard of his house. Then words exchanged. Two dead trees behind the water fountain would be knocked down. To make way for the donated tree by Fritz. Wow! Things changed pretty fast. While Big Mike was being interviewed by Mark and Daniel. Dover Mayor Jim Dodd came into the parking lot with his 1955 police car he plans to use as a police escort.
  • While Big Mike was being video interviewed by Mark and Daniel. Two big orange tree doctor trucks passed through the parking lot. Heard a very short time later that they was here to knock down the two dead trees today and have Fritz tree up in the spot by thursday, May 28th. That was pretty fast! But found out later that Fritz's tree will have to wait till the fall to transplant the tree to Gardener Field. We was all excited over the news and how fast things are moving.
  • Everyone at Gardener Field was video interviewed. Had ice cream from a ice cream truck. Mike Pesci and Bike Mike threw a few baseball around. Then Mike prepared to take off for Attilio's Tavern located in Dover. You can hear the machine in the background. They was still cutting down the old dead trees as Mike got back on his bicycle. Mike planned route was scratched as he prepared to take off. They all said it would take a bit to long to reach Attilio's Tavern. We all agreed to be tight on escort and ride on Route 46 straight to Attilio's Tavern.
  • A few photos was taken and video camera rolling. Bert got in front and Mr. Dodd with his old police car in the rear. took off after 3:10pm for Attilio's. Mike was back on the road. This time for Dover, NJ for the first time. Cycling on Route 46 west. Mark and Daneil got a good few minute video of Mike cycling on his bicycle on Route 46 west. "Now this is cool, Mike said". Never rode on Route 46 before . . . . ever!!! Made it to Attilio's Tavern in about 15 minutes. Give or take a few minutes. Only 4 and a half miles. That was fast! Route 46 traffic was not bad yet. If we waited another hour. People coming home from work would jam up the road for sure. That would be bad.
  • Mike and everyone involed hung out at Attilio's for a short time. Mayor Dodd of Dover and Bike Mike both agreed. We shall do this again May 27, 2010. Took a few more photos and short video interview. Fritz came by with his son to have cake and look at photos that Bert took with his digital camera. Bike Mike even signed a baeball for Fritz son. Then Bert drove Mike home at 5:00pm.
  • What a great day? The rain never came as predicted. Sun came out a couple of times during the afternoon. Good friends came out to support and pay respect to Arthur Richman. Video interview was fun. The bad part was that the tree Mike took care of for ten years is gone. That upseted Mike. It lasted in Gardener Field for 2 years. So the Big Mike tree total life span was almost 13 years. Fritz donated his tree to continue on the memory of Arthur Richman, Donald Stefanelli, Albert Alves and WW2 Sgt. Chester Parciak.
     To know the full story how the tree got to Gardener Field in Denville, NJ. The CLICK HERE to read the full story from 2006.
     Do not forget folks. Mike will be present when the new tree is placed at Gardener Field during the fall season. The tree Fritz donated. A good friend. Thank You Fritz.
     Mike shall return on his bicycle for Gardener Field in Denville, NJ and Attilio's Tavern in Dover, NJ on thursday, May 27, 2010.
     Mike would like to thank all those involved. You all deserve a big hand (clap-clap-clap-clap)

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