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(updated September 26, 2008)

"Mike Did Bike Trip
To Gardener Field"

     (June 16, 2008) Mike rode his bicycle to Gardener Field in Denville, NJ on May 27, 2008. He almost did not ride on that date. Because it was raining early in the morning. But Mike knew and have been watching the radar and weather reports. Rain was not suppose to return till the afternoon. Mike delayed his bike ride. He always takes off about 8:30am. But delayed it to 9:00am. Took Mike 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Gardener Field in Denville. 30 miles one way to reach. His friend Bert met up at the corner of Fairfield Ave and Horseneck Road. A few miles before entering Morris County. Followed Mike all the way. Then Mike had a police escort as soon he reached the Denville town border. At the Gardener Field. Lisa P. met up with Bert and Mike at the famous tree for photos. Mike hung a big ribon on the tree.
     Mike could not cycle to the new Attilio's Tavern. Because it is in Dover, NJ. Has no clue at the exact location and plus it was not fully open yet.
     The rain did return to the area after 12:30pm. Nice timing for sure.
     Tree planted in honor of Arthur Richman, Dedicated in memory of Chester Parciak, Donald Stefanelli and Albert Alves. The tree was planted on May 27, 2006. So a new tradition continues. Mike rode to Denville Sept. 8, 2006, May 23, 2007 and again later May of 2008. Mike takes the back roads. The roads he takes is awesome. The view is really nice.
     Mike will return May of 2009.

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