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"Rob & Anthony 2,914 Mile Walk"

Mike with Rob and Anthony finishing there 2,912 mile walk cross country

     (Nov. 4, 2010) . . . Rob and Anthony thought of the crazy thing of walking cross the country. They trained for a short time and went on there way. Did not know what to expect. Getting blisters, wore out pairs of sneakers, wore out 2 baby stollers they used to carry there stuff, walked up mountains, dry heat, humid & hot weather, rain and wind. They have met so many people during there walk. Few not so nice. That comes with the challenge.
      They started June 1, 2010. Walked 2,912 miles, 12 states and 129 days. Rob and Anthony finished on October 7, 2010. Went from San Diego, California to Nutley, New Jersey. All of this to raise money for a great cause. Called "Coast to Coast For A Cure" Gail's Angels.
      Here is words taken from the website . . . The purpose of our walk is to stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle and raise money for the Gail's Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization created to help families with a mother stricken by breast cancer who also cares for a special needs child.
      Mike stayed in touch with Rob and Anthony all summer long. Mike was happy to walk with them the last few miles to Nutley. No way Mike can do something like what they did. Mike is proud of them for doing something that hue in there life for a great cause like this..
     To read the blog from Rob and Anthony about there 129 day trip. CLICK HERE for more info.
     Here are 3 other links to read. Star Ledger Newspaper (after they finished) and Nutley Sun (before they finished), Nutley Sun (after they finished)
     Congratulations Rob and Anthony for walking cross country and raising a whole lot of money for Gail's Angels Foundation and Derek's Dream.


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