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        Welcome to Bike Mike World!    :)
        Thank You for checking out this website! Please be so kind and sign Mike's guestbook or send Mike mail after looking around. Tell him what you think of this website or any information you see from this site.
        Bike Mike World will be turning 20 years old on July 1st, 2015. He started with a small 2 page webpage on July 1st, 1995 on Prodigy Network. Now Bike Mike World home is www.LunarPages.com.
        The main thing on this website is about Big Mike being involved with the Multiple Sclerosis 100 mile and 170 mile bike tour that he rides in every year. There is a story on Mike riding for Multiple Sclerosis and some short info/story on Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Multiple Sclerosis New Jersey Metro Chapter now runs two well known MS bike tours here in New Jersey. The "Coast the Coast" MS-25/50/85/170 mile bike tour that runs in the month of May. Then you have the "The Great New Jersey Country Bike Ride" MS-20/50/100 mile bike tour in the month of September. MS Mid-Jersey Chapter and the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter merged October 1, 2008. To form the New Jersey Metro Chapter. This newly formed New Jersey Chapter also does a MS Walk in the month of April and "Hops to Hops" ride in early September.
        Their are Multiple Sclerosis pages up from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and from Delaware. Local Multiple Sclerosis links for information, volunteers and trying out MS bike tour that each chapter in New Jersey and in neighboring states does.
        You will know about Mike, link page to "Mike friends", "local sites" from his area and Mike's picks in "Cool Sites". Mike 2002 Olympic Torchbearer page. Plus the Sponsor/Help Page where people, companies and business has helped Mike in the past and present with website and bike related stuff.
       You may also send Mike email. Can send question, maybe you got information, want to know some information, found something that Mike like to add to this site and so on. The "BM Mail" envelope is on top in navigation.
Thank You and Enjoy !!

BM News

"Bike Mike Riding For New Jersey
Multiple Sclerosis Almost 25 Years"

     (March 18, 2015) . . . September 19 and 20, 2015 will mark Mike's 25 year cycling and helping raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. It going to be a great year for sure. He is pumped and excited. #tunnelvision #siked #pumped. Mike cycled 100 miles in the well known "NJ Country Challenge" on September 19 and 20, 2015. Wanna read all past and present stories from newspaper to his own stories. Then CLICK HERE to read it all up. Mike plans to cycle another 25 more years. So you know! It is a total of both MS New Jersey MS bike tours."Coast the Coast" and "Great New Jersey Country Challenge".

"Bike Mike Made
Eagle Rank"

Big Mike making Eagle Rank in 2008

     (September 4, 2008) . . . Big Mike and his friend John made the New Jersey Section of the New Jersey Star Ledger newspaper on July 25, 2008. It included a huge photo of him and his great friend John. A wonderful story by Star Ledger Reporter Elizabeth Moore.
      John and Big Mike made Eagle Scout rank on June 22, 2008. It is a special scout troop. Both John and Mike are very happy. Yes....it did take a very long time. It was hard. It was really worth it.
     Sorry . . . this site is not allowed to mention Mike's friend John full name or a photo of his friend John on this site.

"Bike Mike World
15th Anniversary"

     (July 1, 2010) . . . Mike started a 2 page webpage back in July of 1995 on what use to be Prodigy Classic. Anyone remember Prodigy Classic? Then the webpage name changed. Was allowed to add stuff like photos, music and links as time gone on. The storage for members got bigger. Can add more photos and more pages to "Big Mike's Airwaves" webpages. Went from "Big Mike's Airwave" . . "Big Mike Jr's World" . . "Big Mike's World" . . then to the current website name and it stuck like glue ever since . . "Bike Mike World". The Website image also has changed.
     More stories with some photos will be coming during the month of July.

"Thanks From Mike"

     (November 4, 2010) . . . Because of the amount of money raised for the 2010 "Great NJ Country Bike Ride". He wanted to say thanks to a couple of people. Irwin Folk Foundation, Applegate Farm, Chandelier, Nutley Shoprite, Nicolette Body Shop, Algeri's Pizza, Casandra's Pizza, FMBA 29, Motorcycle Mall, Lil Burger, few friends from CoffeeCup.com, few of Mike's friends and family members. You are all awesome for sure.
     Thanks for helping Mike reach over $2,000 for Multiple Sclerosis "Coast the Coast" May 2010 bike tour and first time over $2,000 for Multiple Sclerosis "Great New Jersey Country Bike Ride" September 2010 bike tour.

"Main Page Re-design
Coming Soon"

     March 18, 2015 . . . Mike has delayed working on the new design of the website. Mike will slowly start working on re-designing the main page of Bike Mike World during the course of 2015. Mike was thinking up a design idea. Plus eFreeGuestBook.com closed. A couple of new ideas swirling around and testing them all out. Should be up before the end of 2015.

"Bike Mike cycling in the
2014 MS-170 and MS-100"

Mike 2012 Coast the Coast MS bike tour

     September 13, 2014 . . . Mike rode in the 2014 "Coast the Coast" MS 170 mile bike tour. He raised $3,875.00 for Multiple Sclerorsis. Had a good time cycling. More stories and photos are due to be shown soon.
      Stories, photos and videos coming soon from the Country Challenge tour. Been lazy on things lately.

"Bike Mike 22nd Time In
2015 "Coast the Coast" MS-170"

     March 17, 2015 . . . Mike promises to load photos and videos from the "Coast the Coast" 2012 to 2014 bike tour. Been a bit lazy for a couple of months with playing Minecraft. LOL! Sorry !!!
      Mike is gearing up for the 2015 "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. His 22nd year. It already two months away. How you like that. Mike been training indoors on his trainer time to time. While outside was frigid and snowy.
      Now under 60 days to bike tour time. Get #pumped and #excited folks. :)

"Destructioncraft on MineCraft"

     August 23, 2013 . . . Wanna play a really game. Try out MineCraft. Wanna try out a really cool server. That server I am talking about is DestructionCraft.com. It is fun and great people. Might have a few hot heads on there. But that why Desturctioncraft has online staff to keep the peace and keep it clean. The game server has Towny, Creative World, Faction, minigames and more. To get ingame money. You sell, vote and lottery. Has PVP areanas and Parkour. What are you waiting for? Go check out DC website.

     (June 16, 2008) Mike rode his bicycle to Gardener Field in Denville, NJ on May 27, 2008. He almost did not ride on that date. Learn more when you click on the caption link.

Bike Mike in Belleville Times      Known by many as "Big Mike" for having a big heart or "Bike Mike" for spending so much time on his beloved bike, Dowd has made it his priority to raise funding for MS research year in and year out.
   To read more on this. Then head to BM Bike Tour Stories.

     Like to know how much Mike has raised for two New Jersey Multiple Sclerosis Chapters? Will know ach year and the total since he started.

"Three Years on LunarPages.com"

Mike on lunarpages.com

     (December 2, 2009) . . . . Bike Mike World has been on the air for 14 years as of July 2009. Has been comfy in a nice warm home (host) on lunarpages.com for three years. Bike Mike World moved into the new home on December 4, 2006. With a lot of room. Mike celebrated by sending a message to a high staff at lunarpages.com. Got a response that says thanks for being with us. We are glad to help BikeMikeWorld stay on the air says lunarpages.com.

     Mike is collecting what is called Mic Que Blocks from radio stations and television stations. He has a couple already. If you like to help him continue this collection. Please email him at his mail form page
     More on this story in que block page.

Bike Mike in the 2009 Special Olympic Tourament in Wildwood, NJ

     Mike has been in the Special Olympic bowling and basketball league for a couple of years now. Mike and his teammate has completed the 2010 season. 2010 is his 6th year in basektball. The team Mike's on has made it to the 2010 State Finals in Wildwood, NJ March 27 and 28, 2010.
     "Everyone on the team are great, Says Mike".
     Continue when you click the caption above photo.

     Big Mike got the video editor from Pinnacle System for his computer. So he can continue editing for different local areas. Like he use to for WBHS-34 in the past. Which he was apart of for 13 years.

Here is where you will read about updates to BikeMikeWorld.com - Stay Tuned!
"New Site Fixed"

     All pages has been updated with better codes by using the CoffeeCup HTML 2008 Editor software. Mike took off all the old HTML codes and put up better codes.
     One thing Mike will continue doing is adjust some things along the way to improve the site appearance and easy to get around.

"New Links"

Four local links has been added to "BM Local" page as of March 21, 2009.

Disclaimer Page Is Up

     Because of a few people in 2007. Mike has added a disclaimer page to BikeMikeWorld.

Camp Marcella

     Mike has been a camper to Camp Marcella for 12 years and has finally added his most favorite camp in the world to his "Cool Sites" page. Enjoy touring the site.

Becky's Drive In

     Becky's Drive In is a open and fun place to be and see a movie. Not many drive in movies out there. Becky's Drive In been around a pretty long time. Short story and link in Cool Sites page.

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