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 (Updated February 25, 2009)

       Welcome to the Big Mike's Tree Page.
        Big Mike has taken care of a tree since 1996. Given to Mike by the Frantantoni Family. The tree was about 2 inches tall at the time.
       Now the tree is 15 foot tall and was in a green round toy bucket. Was struggling to grow the past three years. The township of Belleville first said yes on planting the tree on town property. Nothing happened late 2005 and early 2006. Mike was worried about the tree.
       Mike Pesci was told about the tree. Wrote a letter to the mayor of Denville. They was touched and wanted to have the tree.
       The township of Denville, NJ planted the tree at Gardener Field on May 27, 2006. With the help of Bike Mike at 11:30am.
       Mike misses the tree. Was use to sitting by the tree next to the porch. Like a pet or apart of him.
       The tree is in honor of Arthur Richmon of the Yankees. In memory of Donald Stefenalli of Boy Scout Troop #364, Albert Alves of WBHS-34 and Big Mike's grandfather Chester Parciak - WWII - Purple Heart.
       Mike saw the tree again during the 2006 Perfect Pitch Home Run Derby on June 4th. He saw a big colorful bow on the tree. Mike saw a nice big bow on the tree at the final HRD event in June 2007. This time the Yankees Advisor - Arthur Richmon was present.
       A small tree in a pot was next to it. Mike was given a beautiful Japanese Maple Tree to care for the next 3 to 5 years. Then will be planting the donated tree by Big Mike back to Denville, NJ. Mike loves the tree that he will be taking care of.
       Now Mike rides his bicycle from Belleville to Denville every year in May to see the tree in Gardener Field. His first bike trip to Gardener Field in Denville was September of 2006. Then May 23, 2007 and May 27, 2008. Mike had police escort in 2007 and 2008 inside of Denville borders. Plus his friend Bert was watching over him soon as Mike reached Horseneck Road that nears the border of Essex County and Morris County.
       Mikevows to cycle to Gardener Field every year on May 27th. That is Mike's favorite tree. The tree he took care of and still loves.

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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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