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   (updated May 14, 2006)

* * * I have permission from the "Belleville Times" newspaper to copy word for word on my web page. The article you are about to read is from April 17, 1997. It is on page 4. The article was written by me (Mike Dowd) in "Your Opinion". The article has been modified a bit.
"Is It Spring?"

* To the editor:

* Is this spring or is this spring?

* I have a Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour coming up. The Bike Tour is 24 days away, and here is a little taste of what is going on so far.

* I am collecting pledges from different parts of town. I collected pledges from the town seat last night after the town meeting. I got $210.00. Bob Giordano, attorney-at-law, has pledged $175.00. He pledged $170.00 last year. Cool! Everyone on the seat are cool. They are great! Including the mayor of Belleville, Victor Canning.

* More pledges are still coming in. I collected $760.00 in pledges as of April 9th. My goal this year is $1,000. I raised $852.00 last year. Even WBHS-34 is helping a bit. They have put up a bit about me on the screen. Fewsmith Church is also helping.

* There is an article about my upcoming ride in the Fewsmith News. I will give thanks to all business when all is said and done.

* Just to give you an idea, I wiped out on Route 35 in Seaside Heights last year, and got scrapes, cuts, bruises and lost my speedometer from the big fall. But that does not stop me from riding for a good cause. I also have been in the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour since 1990. Then I started to ride in two Bike Tours, since 1995.

* I am also involved with Boy Scout Troop 364, Special Troop, which is Sponsored by the Belleville Elks. We use the Elks building every tuesday night at 7 p.m. We are also involved in helping the Knights of Columbus for collecting money for the Retarded Drive in April of every year.

* Well, I do train at Brookdale Park for the bike tour. The bike I have still has the awesome troll on the front handlebars, which also has scrapes on it form the big fall last May. The troll gives me good luck. The bike I have is 6 1/2 years old.

* Oh, I also have a website. I got things on their about the bike tour. Some articles are from the Belleville Times.

* Time to roll. Got places to go and I also have to buy my Superman comic book. I get my comic books from Comic Explosion. I do talk and write a lot. So I really better get going, or I will never stop talking about the bike tour!

"Big Mike Dowd"

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