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   (updated July 3, 2008)

"Breezy To A Wet Finish"

               July 3, 2008 . . . Mike has done it again for the 16th time in the Mid-Jersey Chapter "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The weather windy and nice at pojnt to being chilly and windy another point when Mike was cycling. Saw vet bikers and made new friends along the way.

       Ready to hear Mike's story version of the MS-170 bike tour.

       May 17th . . . Mike wakes up to eat and get ready for the bike tour. His mother drove him to Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. Got there after 7:00 am. Mike got his bags to the truck. Signed in. Bumped into a few friend and took photos along the way. Mike's mother made a few friends. Got to the start line area. Mike's mother was watching the start. Because NBC suppose to broadcast live on Saturday Morning Today Show.Camera and NBC news van was at the place. The 85 and 170 tour started a little after 8:00am.

  • Mike was with a lot of bikers. Could not go up to his own pace speed at all for a couple of miles. Even had to stop at the walk bridge between Lake Ave to Asbury Ave. Becuase of the MS rules. Must walk bike over foot bridge. Made it to the first rest stop at 8:47am. AV: 14.2, DST: 9.07, MX: 23.2 mph and TM: 00:38:16. Mike took some cool photos. That is now in BM Photo pages.
  • Around this point. Mike stayed on course. On the new route that is. Took his time cycling on the shoulder of Route 35 south. Had no problem. Something needs to be done with the Route 35 shoulder big time between Point Pleasant and Route 37 in Seaside Heights. The wind was starting to be a bother Centennial Park. Mike took a few photos before reaching the Centennial Park rest stop. He reached this point at 11:12 am. DST: 35.62, MX: 30.02 mph, AV: 14.8 and TM: 2:24:28. He did take a few photos at the park also.
  • Mike had some fun cycling west on Route 37. Into the wind. Called a head wind. Adams Road was finally paved. Mike is glad of that. Adams Road does changes name two times along the way. Made it to the Washington Street School rest stop in Toms River, NJ at 12:04 pm. A bit more clouds. DST: 43.10, MX: 30.02 mph, AV: 14.6 and TM: 2:56:57.
  • Made it to lunch at the Cedar Creek School in Lacey Township at 12:53 pm with some clouds and wind. TM: 3:33:00, MX: 30.02 mph, AV: 14.7 and DST: 52.85. No band this year. Not like it did the last two years. Did eat a lot and took photos.
  • Left lunch at 1:38 pm. Swallowed some bugs along the way. Yuk! Getting hit with head winds along the way. Slows me down half of the time. Mike stopped at the Ocean Vo-Tech rest stop at 2:20pm with some clouds in the area. DST: 61.37, TM: 4:07:23, MX: 30.02 mph and AV: 14.8.
  • Still being hit with head wind and wind on the right side. Warm out with some clouds. Mike makes it to the last rest stop of the first day. Lucille's Kitchen at 3:09 pm. TM: 3:40:03, DST: 69.92, AV: 14.7 and MX: 30.02 mph. Took some cool photos here. Spoke to a few friends before leaving.
  • Can still see the burnt areas from the 2007 wildfire. The worse area from the 2007 forrest fire on Route 539 south was around Warren Grove, NJ. Did take a couple of photos. Can see it up in the 2007 MS-170 photo page. The the route changed to reach the finish for the day. Soon as all the bikers drive over the Garden State Parkway bridge. You have to make a right turn. Cycle along side the Parkway a long while. All this to add another 5 miles before reaching Pineland High School finish. Made it to Pineland Regioanal High School at 4:23 pm. Sun and clouds and breezy. DST: 84.25, MX: 30.02, TM: 5:39:59 and AV: 14.8. The only ache Mike has this time around is his bottom.
       Soon after reaching the finish on saturday. Mike called his mother to say he made it for the day. DJ Fred announced that Bike Mike is in the house over the microphone. Even played Mike's favorite song. Inside he goes to check things out. Mike signed in. Got his bag to setup his sleeping area in the gym. Showered up to feel better and clean. Jumped onto the special bus to have dinner at the Tuckerton Seaport in Tuckerton, NJ. Which is on Route 9. Went up in the small light house. Checked out the buildings. Watch people go boating. Took photos all around. Got back to Pineland Regional. Get a late massage. Mike get a sode from teachers lounge. Better then the diet soda that laying around. Mike did make a few calls. Walking around and listening to the frogs behind a fence in tiny swamped area. He goes back indoors to try and read his book. But got pretty tired and gone to bed.

       May 18th . . . The lights was tunred on about 5:05am. Like he said last year. They are turning on the lights earlier and earlier. He took his time getting ready. Packed and ate breakfast early. Then filled his water bottles. Put the bike outside and fill the tires to 120 psi. Mike went back inside to hear a speech. The weather take off was sun, clouds and the wind so far is light. Mike did eat up the sports jellybeans first. He took off at about 7:40 am. Not cold or chilly at all this year.

  • Before reaching the first rest stop of the day. The wind was not a big factor yet. Mike was caution on the roads anyway. Tried to conserve energy. The weather was nice. Mild with sun and clouds. Mike made it to the first rest stop at Lower Bank Tavern at 8:24am. He was looking for the plane in the area. After what happened last year. DST: 10.58, TM: 00:39:11, MX: 21.3 mph and AV: 16.2.
  • Made it to the Port Republic rest stop ay 9:15 am. Weather is nice with more sun then clouds. Wind is picking up a bit. TM: 1:18:18, MX: 21.4, AV: 16.8 and DST: 21.98. Taking a few photos before leaving.
  • The wind is shifting almost from all directions. More clouds gathering now. Made it to the next rest stop called Bally Gaming at 10:17 am. AV: 16.4, DST: 34.35, TM: 2:05:27 and MX: 22.5 mph.
  • Mostley Cloudy now. Made it to the Masonic Temple in the Linwood area by 10:43am. Mostly sunny skies. DST: 38.38, TM: 2:21:58, MX: 22.5 mph and AV: 16.2.
  • Was being hit by head wind and hit on the right side. Made it to lunch in Ocean City Primary School at 11:42 am. Cloudy skies. Clear skies over the ocean. Breezy of course. Now it starting to feel chilly out. DST: 47.42, TM: 3:03:26, MX: 22.5 and AV: 15.5. Live band music while having lunch. Ate the last bag of sport jellybeans. Left lunch 12:25pm with sunny skies.
  • Left lunch at 12:25 pm with some rain drops and chilly. Had head wind to wind hitting to the right. Reached the Avalon Rec Center at 1:53 pm. DST: 64.36, TM: 4:24:30, MX: 22.5 mph and AV: 14.5.
  • Before reaching the last rest stop of the tour. Had showers and light rain. Chilly out too. He was being hit by wind from both direction. He made it to Wildwood, NJ. The American Legion rest stop at 3:15 pm. Heard that the tour was about to end. Because of a storm cell near by. That is pouring in Cape May. Then after that was said. A downpour just before I walked to my bike. Everyone rain inside of the American Legion. Anyone now at the last rest stop is no longer allowed to leave or pass the last rest stop. 15 to 20 cyclist at this point was picked up by a bus. A truck picked up the bikes. Headed to U.S. Coast Guard Station. So the final here is . . . DST: 76.20, TM: 5:26:45, MX: 22.5 mph and AV: 13.9.
       Mike got off the bus in U.S. Coast Guard Station. Of course Mike is not happy for not finishing under his own power. Signed in and got his bus tag. Got his bag and cleaned up. Called his mother to tell her the info needed. Got his BBQ food and said HI to DJ Fred. Mike was tired and rushed to get his stuff by the bus. Get on the bus and waiting for the bus to leave for Long Branch. During this whole time. It was drizzling or showered. Drove through a thunderstorm half way to West Long Branch. Made it to Monmouth University in the dark. The air feels drier and a bit cooler.

       The bike tour was fun and breezy. Breezy on both days and wet on second half of second day. Mike had a tough ride. Had a relax time with dinner. Looking around at the Tuckerton Seaport. Hearing the frogs at a fenced off area on Pineland Regional property. Seeing a awesome sunset and sunrise. Hope to be back at the Tuckerton Seaport again in 2009.

       Mike raised a total of $2,422.00. Mike would love to thank everyone for pledging in person, by postal mail and online. Thanks for helping Big Mike stay in the $2,000 range for fourth year in a row.

       If you like to learn more about this MS chapter. Please go to Mid-Jersey Chapter for more information.

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