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   (updated August 23, 2013)

"20th Year & Struggling"

               July 11th . . . Mike has done it again for the 20th year in the New Jersey Metro Chapter "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. Mike been in the Coast the Coast from 1993 to 2013. Mike could not wait for the tour. 20 years riding and helping raise money for MS.
        Mike struggled. His bike been in the shop a few times in April and the first part of May. He hardly trained and did not have a 2nd bicycle to train on for over a month.

       Ready to hear Mike's story of the MS-170 bike tour.

       May 18th . . . Mike got up about 5:00am saturday morning. Ate and dressed in cycling outfit. Got the bike and bag ready. His buddy Scott picked him up about 6:30am. Reached Monmouth University about 7:30am. Rushed a little bit. Took some photos at the start line. Met old friends. Started his GoPro video camera that was attached to his helmet.
       Mike started out with the main group at 8:08am. After the speech and ribbon cutting. Sun and some clouds. Nice outside.

  • Made the 1st rest stop at the Belmar Triangle at 8:34am with cloudy skies and mild. DST (distance): 9.10 miles, MX (max speed) 21.6 mph, AV (average) 14.6 mph, TM (time on bike) 37:46.
  • Mike blew through the 2nd restop. Which was the Breille Cyclery at 9:56am with cloudy skies and calm winds. DST: 19.77, TM: 1:20:15,
  • Mike reached the 3rd rest stop at the Upper Shores Library at 11:14am. TM: 2:14:09, DST: 33;10, MX: 26.9 mph, AV: 14.9. Cloudy with few showers. Saw a cyclist wipeout.
  • Made it and passed the 4th rest stop at 12:05pm. It was the Washington Street School in Toms River.
  • Made it to lunch at 12:40pm. Lunch at Cedar Creek School in Lacey, Township, NJ. TM: 3:13:34, DST: 49.30, AV: 14.9, MX: 27.1 mph. Cloudy out. Out of lunch at 1:15pm.
  • Before reaching the 6th rest stop. Mike crossed over the Garden State Parkway at 2:24pm. He made the 6th rest stop at 2:27pm. Which is the Ocean Vo-Tech on Route 532. TM: 3:57:13, AV: 14.8, DST: 58.93, MS: 27.7 mph. Showers and cloudy.
  • Cross the Route 72 at 3:23pm. Reached the 7th and final rest stop of the day at Warren Grove Volunteer fire Station on Route 539 at 3:32pm. Few rain showers. TM: 4:21:33, DST: 67.41, AV: 15.0, MX: 27.7 mph.
  • Made it to the finish of the day at a horrible 4:48pm at the Pineland Regional Middle School. Final stats was TM: 5:23:39, AV: 15.1, DST: 81.26, MX: 27.7 mph.
        First thing Mike did was listen to the new DJ music. Ask for a music request to dance to. Took a few photos. Then get his baggage and bring it to the gym. Where he going to sleep for the night.Did not have time to shower and dress. Mike went on the bus for Tukcerton Light House for dinner. Food was okay. Chat with a few friends. Mike did make a few calls and text that he made it. Mike got his massage, charged the things he uses in the bike tour and off to bed.

       May 19th . . . Mike woke a few times before 5am. When the lights finally came on. Mike was like. Already! Slow to get up. Got dressed, packed and get things ready for the ride. Showery outside. Light rain at times. Mike did a few text. Ate breakfast. Took a few photos along the way. Got his tires pumped up. Took off about 7:30am.

  • Reached the first rest stop at Lower Bank at 8:40am with wet skies. Brrr if you stop long enough! TM: 56:14, MX: 19.4 mph, AV: 13.9 mph, DST: 13.11.
  • Reached the 2nd rest stop at Port Republic at 9:45am and still wet out. MX: 19.4 mph, DST: 24.50, TM: 1:44:37, AV: 14.0.
  • Reached the 3rd rest stop at Egg Harbor Township Police Department with cloudy skies and a bit breezy at 11:22am. DST: 39.31, MX: 19.4, TM: 2:55:34, AV: 13.4.
  • Mike reached lunch at Ocean City Primary School at 12:47pm with cloudy skies. Listen to some good music by the DJ. Also trying to dry out his stuff that was wet from riding. Left lunch at 1:40pm.... DST: 49.10, TM: 3:50:04, MX: 19.4mph, AV: 12.8mph.
  • Made it to the 4th rest stop at Sea Isle Ambulance Corps at 2:40pm. Cloudy and breezy now. A detour going on here. Crazy! All because of 2012 Hurricane Sandy. Anyways! AV: 12.8 mph, DST: 60.57, MX: 20.7 mph, TM: 4:41:41.
  • Mike made it to the 5th rest stop called Avalon Center at 3:46pm. Mostly cloudy. Few breaks of sun. MS:26.2 mph, DST: 72.67, AV: 12.9 mph, TM: 5:31:53. Mike falling behind a lot.
  • Mike was cycling with a MS pick up truck behind him. Mike was the last one on the road. The tail end of the tour. Soon Mike reached over the bridge into Wildwood. Mike was forced to stop. Was told that if he continues. It out of MS hand if anything happens to him. That he would have to find away home if he misses the bus to Monmouth University. The driver was nice enough to drop Mike off 2 blocks from the finish. So he can finish under his own power. Made it to the finish at 5:30pm. As the skies turned cloudy again with fog slowly forming.
       Soon as Mike arrived. Had to quickly pack, take front wheel off bike, get food. Which the place ran out of. Mik signed up for the 2014 Coast the Coast and waited for the bus to take off for Monmouth University. When Mike got back to Long Brnach. Mike and his buddy Scott went to go eat along route 36. Before going onto the Garden State Parkway for home. Soon Mike got home. He putting some stuff away. Took a nice long shower. He relaxed with tv and slowly gone to bed.

       Said it a couple of times and will say it again. Every year is NEVER the same. Do not know what to expect. This bike tour was wet. Bad for Mike. Because of the lack of training. The bike tour this year came with sun, clouds, and some wind. Mike did the best he can. Some may be aching and in a bit of pain. It all goes away in time. Those that has multiple sclerosis . . . . . it does not. We are riding for them. To show we care. To help to one day find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

       Mike raised a total of $4,200.00. Mike would love to thank everyone for donating in person, by postal mail and online. Thanks for helping Big Mike stay above the $4,000 range for 2nd year in a row. Even with the tough economy. Thanks!!

       If you like to learn more about this MS chapter. Please go to New Jersey Metro Chapter for more information.

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