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'Big Mike Personal Record'

       May 24, 2005 . . . . . BIG MIKE'S BIKE NEWS >>> Mike is here and on the air!! The bike tour on May 21 and 22, 2005 was different. Like it always is every year. I did cycle with the new 2004 Sport Road 1000 for the first time in a bike tour. So here is the load down for each day. Did not keep a 100% real record this time. Enjoy reading this anyway! (smile)

MAY 21ST >> The rolling start was at 8am from Sandy Hook, NJ. But I took off about 8:25am. Had to find ways to catching up. Wind up cycling on this sidewalk at about 24 mph. Then finally into the street later. Top speed before Seven President Park was 28 mph.
  • 1> Reached Seven President Park rest stop at 8:56am. The sky was clear.
  • 2> Reached the Gazebo rest stop at 9:51am. Speed at times was 20mph to 22mph and average was about 17.1 mph. Had a picture taken from the Asbury Park Press. Took pics with a few friends. Did stop on the Point Pleasant border. On the route 35 bridge.
  • 3> Reached Perks Cafe rest stop at 10:45am. Average was 17.0 mph. Took pictures with a few friends here also. Route 35 South bound shoulder really needs new paving for sure. Bumpy between Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights!!! I was doing speeds of about 25 mph at times. I saw this bump in front of me. Did not think it was going to be bad. It was un-avoidable and width was wide. The bump was bad enough to move my handlebar down. Had to fix it with help from two MS bike Marshels. Got it back the whay it was. Then continued on.
  • 4>Passed the Centennial Park rest stop. Blew right by it!! Stopped on top of the route 37 bridge and took pictures. Made a wrong turn in Toms River with one of the MS Saftey Marshel. But found my way back.
  • 5> Reached the Toms River Recreation Station Center lunch at 12:25pm. Friends that live in Toms River came to hang with me. I was interviewed by Erik Larsen of the Asbury Park Press. Then left lunch at 1:20pm.
  • 6> Made it to Cedar Creek rest stop at 1:55pm. More clouds rolls in. Enjoying my ride!
  • 7> Reached Ocean Vo-Tech rest stop at 2:38pm. Now here comes the boring part of the ride. Not a lot of cars and not a lot of traafic lights. Does have a lot of trees.
  • 8> Blew through the Lucille's Kitchen rest stop on Route 539 south. Did hit some head wind as it slowly turns east.
  • 9> Made it to the Pineland Regional High School in Tuckerton at 4:00pm. Ya-hoooo!!!! Called my mom and friends right after reaching the finish line. Showered, eat and a massage. A thunderstorm blew through when I was getting a massage. I did not even know till I looked out the door. Watched the moon and listen to the frogs in a small fenced off swamp like area. Fell asleep about 9:45pm. Yaaaaaaaaawn!!!!! You will never see me go to bed this early!

MAY 22ND >> I woke about 5:30am. Then the lights was turned on after I did a couple of stretches. Got dressed and packed up everything. Eat, call mom and then pump tires to 120 PSI. Left the Pineland Regional High School about 7:33am. Was showery during the first hour of cycling. Chilly for the first two hours. Did pour awhile before I left at 7:33am.
  • 1> Reached Lower Bank Tavern rest stop at 8:17am. Still some rain drops, chilly and cloudy. I was drafting other bikers to save energy time to time.
  • 2> Reached Port Republic rest stop by the Garden State Parkway at 9:07am. I heard people saw me in the Asbury Park Press newspaper. A photo and a paragraph. I want to see it. The sun is out and is warming up.
  • 3> Reached Public Works rest stop at 10:05am. The sky is mixed with sun and clouds now. Warming up! Some bugs bothering me. Did draft behind some bikers now and then.
  • 4> Reached Masonic Temple in Linwood rest stop at 10:43am. Bugs are really a pest right now at this stop. Cycled over the Route 152 bridge. You can see Atlantic City. Took pictures of course.
  • 5> Reached lunch at Primary School in Ocean City at 11:37am. More sun out. With a lot of clouds out to the west. Made a few calls on my cell. I even wrote on a balloon with my marker. Saw this guy with a biker number of #666. Watch out!! (smile) Left lunch at 12:27pm. Sun and clouds. I feel good after lunch. I guess I drank a bit to much energy drink and soda. Had to look for a bathroom on the way to the next rest stop.
  • 6> Reached the Avalon Recreation Center at 1:50pm. Some sprinkles with some sun.
  • 7> Reached the final rest stop at the American Legion on Atlantic Ave. in Wildwood at 3:00pm. Saw a bank sign say 70 degrees before the last rest stop. Had some gusty winds from the west to southwest at times since leaving lunch. Took pictures with the Wildwood Police.
  • 8> I have made it to the finish line at 4:05pm. The finish line was like always . . . . . at the US Coast Guard Station in Cape May. Near the red and white US Coast Guard water tower. Relax, eat BBQ food and listen to DJ Fred's music. Got on the bus at 5:30pm for Sandy Hook. Took 2 hours and 10 minutes to get back up to Sandy Hook. Then home bound I go with my mom. Bought the Asbury Park Press newspaper on route 36 on the way. Ate some more food, watch tv and bed early.

Mike's goal of $2,000. Big Mike has offically reached to $2,040.00 as of May 20th, 2005. Mike was all excited!! It was kind of tough to reach this high. Mike has reached over $2,000 in the years 1998, 2000, 2001 and now 2005. Mike's first time ever hitting the $1,000 mark was in the year 1997.

(updated 5-20-2005) . . . Big Mike would like to thank those that pledged big. All money that Mike collects goes to Multiple Sclerosis Society. Micro Strategies in Denville, Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby, Attilio's Kitchen in Denville, Belleville Elks #1123, Bella Casa Catering of Belleville, Friends at local Valley National Bank, Friends at Roscommon House in Belleville, Rosebuds in Belleville, My mom's friends at ADP, Frianklin Hairdresser in Nutley, Friends at Belleville Bowling Alley, a couple of council friends at Belleville town hall, Newark Blue Knights, I.P.S.C., World Wide Gear in Belleville, Frantantoni Bros. of Belleville, K of C #835 and a couple of K of C members in Belleville, SLCA of Belleville, Cabrina's in Nutley and FMBA #29 of Belleville. More to come!!

* Anyone wishing to join the bike tour or become a volunteer in the Mid-Jersey Chapter, give a call at (732)-660-1005.

***Raised a total of $2,040.00 for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. (smile)

***To know more about riding or volunteering in the May 2006 bike tour for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. Then give a call to 732-660-1005 for more information.

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