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'Big Mike Verses Heat'

        May 26, 2004 . . . Big Mike words....The bike tour was a hot one this year. I think the warmest yet for this chapter 13 year bike tour. I do not like cycling long distance in very warm weather. I do not cycle well when it is very warm and humid. Cycle in that very warm and humid weather beat me in round ten in other words. (ding-ding...the winner is mother nature) So here is what I wrote on my cue sheet at each rest stop from the May 22nd and 23rd, 2004 MS-170 bike tour.

>> Saturday, May 22, 2004 . . . I woke just before 5:00am. My mother and I packed everything into the car after 6:00am. Left 6:25am for Sandy Hook. The weather was cloudy and already warm when my mother and I reached Sandy Hook. Signed in and put my stuff in the truck. Photo with the WNBC-4 news van to saying HI to friends in the tour.
  • Left the Sandy Hook start line at 8:10am. Some sun, warm and a bit humid.
  • Reached the first rest stop at 8:46am at Seven President Park. Warm, a bit humid and more sun. Doing good on the bike.
  • Reached the second rest stop at 9:39am at Gazebo in Belmar. 75 degrees in the shade, some clouds and some sea breeze. No problem with cycling.
  • Reached the third rest stop at 10:33am at Perk's Cafe a tad off. Because a bunch of cyclist and me got caught with the draw bridge up on Route 35. Mostly sunny, bit humid and warm. Still strong!
  • Reached the fourth rest stop at 11:30am at Centennial Park. Sunny, humid and getting warmer.
  • Reached lunch at Toms River Rec Station at 12:36pm late. Because all cyclist had to walk over the Route 37 bridge west. Construction was ongoing on the bridge. Also met with old friends at lunch that lives in Toms River.
  • Left lunch about 1:25pm. Sunny, hot and humid out.
  • Reached fifth rest stop at 2:06pm at Cedar Creek. Sunny, hot and humid. Started to get a light headache before reaching this rest stop. A slight decrease in speed.
  • Reached the sixth rest stop at 2:58pm at Ocean Vo-Tech. 88 degrees in the shade, sunny and humid. A slight breeze. Still a light headache and light stomache ache. Wanted to give up a few times on the road.
  • Reached the seventh rest stop at 3:51pm at Lucille's Kitchen. Sunny, hot and humid. Cycling slower. Again, I almost gave up a few times. But I pressed on. Still light headache and light stomache ache.
  • Finally reached the Pineland Middle School at 4:57pm. Where all cyclist stay over night. Passed out on the grass after I stopped. My breathing was funny since the last two rest stops. Find my stuff to unpack, call a few people and my mother. Felt a bit better after a shower, dinner and a massage. Hang outside after sunset, hear frogs crocking, made cell calls and to bed before 10:00pm. Most cyclist slept on the wrestling mat in the gym. Bring your own sleeping bag. Then you got some cyclist with pup tents outside and a couple slept at hotels at Long Beach Island.
>> May 23th, 2004 . . . Woke before the lights was turned on at 6:00am in the gym. A little rough sleeping over night. Got dressed and packed up. I felt better then saturday night. Got my bike and signed out. It did rain awhile before anyone started on the tour. Call my mother about 7:30am.
  • Left Pineland Middle School at 7:50am. It is already sunny and warm out.
  • Reached the first rest stop at 8:38am at Lower Bank Tavern. Did drink more water. Have decided not to cycle to cruising speed. Sunny, humid, warm and a wet ground with puddles. Chest feels funny when breathing. This is where I left my water bottle.
  • Reached second rest stop at Port Republic at 9:42am. Did drink more water. Can not cycle to cruising speed. Nothing has changed with tiny ache with breathing and the weather. Got a new water bottle half an hour before reaching this rest stop. Also was bugged by big green flies and bees before reaching this rest stop.
  • Reached the third rest stop at 11:40am at Masonic Temple. But before reaching this rest stop. Was going to quit when I reach this rest stop. But I got the gut to continue on. Drank water and gaterade. Hosed myself with a water hose. No change with me and in weather. I heard that a few cyclist saturday and sunday did not feel good from the heat and humid weather. One female cyclist was wobbling all over the road. EMT pulled this cyclist off the road. She wore out from the humid weather.
  • Reached lunch at 12:56pm at Primary School. I can not go any farther. Called it quits. To warm and humid for my taste for long distance. Did not want to hurt my body. Ate lunch and relax. Waiting for the sag wagon to take me and 3 others.
  • Reached the US Coast Guard Station Finish line at 2:54pm. But before reaching the finish line. Me and 3 other cyclist left in a sag wagon from lunch at Primary School after 2:00pm. The three cyclist and I has agreed to cycle the last 5 miles of the tour. We wanted to finish the tour under our own power. Had a BBQ, TV interview by NBC channel 47 for Atlantic City. Chat with old friends. Got bike and stuff ready for the bus. Signed up for Contest. Then finally left on bus at 5:15pm back to Sandy Hook. Where my mother was waiting for me. Saw a really nice sunset as we left Sandy Hook.
Then to finish this all up. Did drink more water then normal on saturday. Then drank more water on sunday. The thing I should have also done was drink more Gaterade. Duh me!! It is becuase of everyone I know telling me to drink a lot of water in the tour. I felt funny during the second half of saturday and almost all day sunday on the bike tour. I also realized that I might have not made it to the finish line if I continued cycling at the speed I was going. Was only doing about 10 to 14 miles an hour. Never had a problem with my legs at all through the bike tour.

* Anyone wishing to join the bike tour or become a volunteer in the Mid-Jersey Chapter, give a call at (732)-660-1005.

***Raised a total of $1,522.00 for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. (smile)

***To know more about riding or volunteering in the May 2005 bike tour for the MS Mid-Jersey Chapter. Then give a call to 732-660-1005 for more information.

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