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   (updated May 14, 2006)

* * * I have permission from the "Belleville Times" newspaper to copy word for word on my web page. The article you are about to read is from August 26, 1999 by Marie Burke in "Life In Sliver Lake." It is on page 6. The article has been modified a bit.

'Big Mike' bikes his way into hearts
of Silver Lake district

* Now this man does not live in Silver Lake, but he's one heck of a guy and desrves some recognition. If you don't know his name, when you see him, you'll know him.

* Because everyone knows "Big Mike" Dowd. He is everywhere.

* It seems that a Bob McGough from Silver Lake area, -see, I had to put Silver Lake in it - rode in the multiple sclerosis 170 mile bike tour in May.

* Congrats, Bob.

* Now let me commend Big Mike for all his efforts in the Big Tours over the last nine years. Up and downthe coast of Ramsey to Port Jervis, NY, from Sandy Hook to Cape May.

* Wow! The most money Mike raised was in May 1998, with a total of $2,092.00, and this year so far has raised $1,800.00.

* Anyone intrested in riding in the upcoming bike touron Sept. 25th and 26th in Ramsey to Port Jervis, NY can call201-967-8687.

* By the way, you don't have topedal back to Ramsy; there will be a train available.

* Mike asked me if I would like to join in the pedaling. Don't think so! I think I'm busy that weekend. Ha-ha!

* Anyone from Belleville who might be intrested could form a team called the "Belleville Bunch." Sounds like a good team name to me, Mike.

* I understand that Big Mike did some taping at the Friendly House on Frederick Street during the summer, and a recreation program tape for WBHS-34, like he does every year.

* On the same tape, it will include the Fourth of July program. You sure are some "busy beaver."

* And let me leave you with one of Mike's zippy closings as he signs off. "Time to Roll." And roll you do, Big Mike Dowd; you have a lot of heart.

* Wait there's is one more thing. When he paid a visit to Pico's, he let me know how friendly the gang was there. So take a bow, all you Pico people, from the man, Big Mike Dowd.

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