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   (updated October 2, 2008)

"Record Pledge, Hot Sunday"

               (Updated October 2, 2008) . . . Mike has reached past his personal goal again. He raised $1,575.00 U.S. dollars for the Multiple Sclerosis Greater North Jersey Chapter. A late pedge came in by the Nutley Elks 1190. He is pretty happy that he raised this amount. Mike has raised over $1,000 U.S. dollars for the chapter four years in a row. His bike number for this tour was #83.

       Ready to hear about how Mike did in his 17th time in the MS 100 bike tour. Here we go!!

     Sept. 13th . . . Mike was up about 5am saturday morning. His mother and him was out the door with the car packed with Mike's bag and bike. Went off wrong way on the way to the MS-100 bike tour. Had spotty fog with sunny skies after.
     Reached the area by 7:30am. Had to rush around to bring my bag to the MS truck and while putting my bike number onto my bike. With the help from my mother. While walking around to see what is going on. I was taking pictures like always.
I started off in the light drizzle at 8:00am. The ribbon cutting was in front of me this time around.
  • The ground is wet from the ovenright rain. I started from the start line at 8:00am from the 445 South Street parking lot in Morristown, NJ. The sky was sunny, and a bit humid. The light from the sun is bouncing off the wet ground. Reflecting into my eyes.
  • Stopped at the first rest stop for a real pit stop. The line was pretty long for the bathroom. Which was at Township of Chatham Municipal Building. Reached here at 8:45am. (how miles logged from speedometer) DST:11.4 miles, (how long pedaling) TM:0hours and 43min and 12seconds, (average speed) AV:15.4mph, (top speed) MX:30.5mph. The sun light still shines from the wet ground.
  • Reached the second rest stop at 10:04am. Warm and humid. Glasses did fog up a bit when I stop at traffic lights. The rest stop is Liberty Corner School. TM:1:24:40, AV:15.9, DST:20.8.
  • Made it to lunch with good time. Lunch was at the Liberty Park on Park Ave in Peapack and Gladstone Boro at 10:51am. The sun is coming out. The weather is warming up. DST:28.75, AV:16.00, TM:1:47:20, MX:32.5mph. Got to see a few old friends along the way. Even at lunch. Humid and sunny as I got back on the road 11:34am.
  • Reached rest stop 4 at the Mendham Township Library at 12:18pm. More sun, hazy skies and humid. DST:38.74, TM:2:36:27, MX:34.6, AV:14.8.
  • Made it to the finish line of the first day at 1:25pm. TM:3:26:28, DST:51.24, MX:35.3 and av:14.8. Humid and mostly sunny skies.

     Went to check in. Have to wait awhile for the room key. Because the folks that works at the Hilton was still cleaning up the rooms. Call my mother to tell her I made it for the day and that her and her boyfriend has to wait before coming for the BBQ. So I hung out in the lobby. Then later.....finally got my room key. Gone up to clean up and dressed up. Then to the BBQ outside in the back of Parsippany Hilton. Where my mother and her boyfriend came to hang out with me. WDHA 105.5 FM was there. Plus table vendors was there. Including a big raffle from High Gear Cyclery. The food was great. I went to the convention room for the MS speeches, raffle giveaway and then the comedy show. Then walked around a bit. Watched a few people play the piano. Bought fries and up to my room. My roommate already went to bed. KLights was out. So I got my stuff ready for sunday and went back down to the lobby to eat my fries and watch the big screen tv. After eating my fries. I went off to bed.

     Sept. 14th . . . Woke about 6am by the wake-up phone call. Roommate is already awake. The sky is clear as a bell. After he left. I went to get myself ready for the day. Went down and got my bag and bike ready. Then go eat breakfast. Got everythign ready to rock and roll. Got air in both tires and call my mom to say I am leaving. Warm out of course. Suppose to get hot today.
  • I started off in front with a few bikers at 8:00 am. I am doing good. Kept up to pace with the few bikers in front.
  • Made the first rest stop at 8:43am. Rest stop one is at the Mendham Township parking lot. Sunny skies of course and warm. DST:11.90, MX:26.7, TM:44:36 and AV:16.0.
  • Made the second rest stop at 9:49am. Which was at the Far Hills Railroad Station. Sweaty, sun, clouds and humid. TM:1:33:49, DST:23.70, MX:28.2, AV:15.1.
  • Made it to lunch at the Pluckemin Schoolhouse at 11:28am. This lunch spot is around Route 78 and Route 287 is. Some clouds in the sky. Before reaching this rest stop. Took some cool photos at a local grass field airport. Plus was standing by a young lady that had a bike accident on a small bridge before making it to lunch. Left lunch at 12:20pm. TM:2:32:00, MX:30.8, DST:38.61, AV:15.1. It sure is getting hot and of course humid.
  • Made the 4th rest stop at 1:08pm. I am getting hot and a tad drained out. This final rest stop was at the Millington Railroad Station. Saw my friend Tim from Montclair Bikery here and all the other rest stops today. TM:3:18:24, AV:14.4, DST: 47.94.
  • Before making to the finish. It was pretty hot and humid. Running out of lquid. Because everything in the bottle was warm. My legs was not hurting. Just feeling drained and tired from the heat. Stopped a lot in tree shades. Trying to not overheat. A MS sag wagon in a red truck asked if I was alright. When this guy mentioned if I wanted a ride to the finish. I made up my mind right away. I wanted to finish under my own power. He gave me water. Wanted to do the last 10 miles. Struggled al lthe way to the finish.
  • Made it to the finish line in Morristown, NJ at 2:20pm. Took some photos after I crossed the finish line. Stayed mostly in the shade of the office building. DST:60.02, TM:4:13:43, AV:14.2. Two wonderful people showed up to see me at the finish line. Norma and Rob. Thanks!!!

     Took a couple of photos at the finish line. MS volunteers and a few that has MS was cheering those coming to the finish line. They sure do know how to make a lot of noise. SMILE!!! Even a live band called "Tom Vella and The Wayside" played at the finish line. I heard them play. It sounded good to me. But was slow to get up. Get over to them and take a few photos of the band playing. But was late. They was already packing up to leave. But I do have a CD from the band.
     Final word . . . I broke my personal record again. I love it!! Raising this much money for Multiple Sclerosis feels great. Then my mom and her boyfriend hung out with me at the BBQ. I took a bunch of chocolate bars after the comedy show. It was kind of to hot for long distance for me on sunday. A hot and humid 100 mile bike tour.
     Raised a total of $1,575.00 for the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter. Thanks to those that helped me get over $1,000 U.S. dollars for fourth year in a row.

       Would like to thank my mom, FMBA #29, Applegate Farm, Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby, Kids Swap in Denville, NJ, Some friends that are members of, Algeri's Pizza, Nicolette's Auto Body, Cabrina's in Nutley, NJ, a late pledge from Nutley Elks 1190 and some friends of Belleville. Support from Scout Troop #364, my mother for driving to and home from the MS-100 tour.

       If you like to learn more about this MS chapter. Please go to Greater North Jersey Chapter for more information.

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