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'Record High & Got Lost'

               September 22, 2006 . . . Mike has reached way past his personal goal. He raised $1,323.00 U.S. dollars for the Multiple Sclerosis Greater North Jersey Chapter. He is pretty happy that he raised this amount. Mike never raised this amount for this chapter before. His bike number for this tour was #123.

       Ready to hear Mike's version and the story of the MS-100 (really 112 miles) bike tour.

       September 16th . . . Mike woke up at 5am. Because of his alarm clock. He got dressed, eat and stretch out. Ready for his friend Bert to arrive at 6am. Bert came a few tiny minutes later. Then pack his truck for the trip to Morristown. Reached 445 South Street in Morristown by 6;30am. Good timing too. Pretty early! Met old friends and new friends. Took some pictures. Ready to rock and roll.
       I started with the lead group tour at 8:10am. After the ribbon cutting. The weather at the time was mostly cloudy and a bit damp.

  • Have felt a couple of rain drops.
  • Passed the first rest stop. Still getting them rain drops.
  • More rain fell from thr sky as I stay a bit behind the lead group. Wiping my glasses from fog build up and rain drops. Rode Long Hill Road to the end. Did not see any orange MS arrow marker around. Back track a bit. Saw a green marker. Follwed it for awhile. Then it hit me. The green marker is for sundays ride. I called the MS chapter emergency number to tell them where I am and told them I did not see a orange marker. Went to back track back onto Long Hill Road. The sun tries to come out. Saw a un-mark police car that is apart of the tour. Directing tour traffic. I saw the orange marker on the ground. Not on the pole. Now I now why I missed the left turn. Now pushing it to catch up on time. Was way behind on what I had planned. Glasses is not fogging up as much as before.
  • Reached the 2nd rest stop at Liberty Corner School at 10:12am. Speedometer reading mx-31.2, av-16.2 and dst-31.05. Did take some pics. Glasses is not fogging up as much.
  • Reached the 3rd rest stop that is lunch. Liberty Park at 11:24am. Left knee is aching a tiny bit and so is the right calf. It is from pushing it to catch up on time lost from getting lost. Mostly Sunny skies now. Getting a bit warm. av-15.9, dst-39.59. Made a few cell calls. Out of lunch at 12:20pm.
  • Passed the 4th and final rest stop of the day at Mendham Twp. Library at 1:00pm. Sunny skies.
  • Saw a garage sale a bit before the finish of the day. They was selling Nintendo 64 and I think 7 or 8 games for $50.00 U.S. dollars. Did not have the money and no way to carry it on the bike. Miss playing Mario 64 at my friend house.
  • Made it to the Parsippany Hilton parking lot at 2:10pm. Wind up breaking the 2005 time to reach the Hilton. About 30 minutes faster then 2005 so far. dst-62.55, mx-33.3, av-15.3 and the time on the saddle was 4 hours and 5 minutes. The sky is about clear as a bell.
        First thing to do was get the room key. Then go up to the room and put everything away and the bike. Get all cleaned up. Go back down for the outdoor BBQ on the tennis court. Radio station WHTZ Z-100 radio had a party patrol at the BBQ. My mother came by and hung out with me for over an hour. She enjoyed the food and the way the event was held. Even tried to win a mountain bike raffle. No luck! I was up dancing away.
        close during the MS speech. Because of his eyes not good far away. Mike couldn ot get a close seat.
        Raffle prizes went out to those raising $1,000 or more. For every $1,000 is a raffle ticket. Those that put in the pledges before September 9th. Team Falcon won the most prizes.
        Comedy show started after word. My friend that works for CNBC came by with a check and hung out for awhile with his son. Then I went to my room to get ready for sunday and hit the pillow after 10pm. Had the chance to meet my roommate. He is a polce officer. I think from Bergenfield, NJ. He is cool!

       September 17th . . . Woke up about 6am. Had a tough time sleeping overnight. My hearing-aid was whistling. Because the off switch was not working well. Plus I am bad sleeping at new places. Would take more then a day or two to get use to a new bed. Get dressed, stretches and tv. Filled up the bottles for the bike. and my roommate and I went out the door. Went down to get ready for breakfast. Saw my friend Time from Montclair Bikery there at the doorway for breakfast. Cool to see him! After breakfast. Brought the room key back to main desk. Got the bike tires filled with air. Called mom and ready to rock and roll. Mid level fog that burned fast.

  • Rolling in the parking lot at 8:05am. Still feeling it in the legs. All from the over doing it saturday. Sunny skies and mild this morning.
  • Reached the first stop at 8:55am at the Mendham Twp. parking lot. av-15.0, dst-11.9 and mx-24.2. Glasses did get a bit fogged up. Gettign warm out also.
  • Before reaching the second rest stop. This one road was crazy. A narrow road that was full of tree shades and sun. Some bigger tree shades still had some wet spots from the rain the day before. Crazy left and right turns and bumpy up and down hills. Felt more like a bicycle on a roller coaster. Had to slow down. Because the tree shades was messing with me.
  • Reached the second rest at 9:58am. The Far Hills RR Station. Sunny and warm. dst-23.62, av-15.0 and mx-29.2.
  • Made it to lunch at the Pluckemin Schoolhouse at 11:20am. dst-37.48 and av-15.2. Hardly a cloud in sight and warm out. Eat and chat at lunch. A long time friend name Craig told me he wiped out before reaching the second rest stop. On that narrow road just mentioned. Left lunch at 12:15pm.
  • Reached the 4th rest stop at the Millington RR Station at 1:00pm. ms-29.5, dst-46.77 and av-14.7. Sunny skies and warm. Stayed a bit to chat with a few friends.
  • Made it to the finish line at 2:21pm. A long finish line and cheering section. Time 4 hours on the saddle. Dst-59.02, av-14.7 and mx-29.5. Sunny and warm.
       Dry my face, look for my bag. Put my helmet away and make my calls. Ate BBQ food and listen to music by a DJ. Had my face drawn by an artist. Warm sitting in the sun. Chatting and taking pictures. Did a little card trich with a clown. Left at 4pm. My friend Bert picked me up.

       The only thing I have to say is this. The first rest stop was still confusing. Even though I ment to pass it. Getting lost was not cool. Because the orange arrow was on the ground. My mom hangs out with my at the Hilton BBQ saturday evening. A good friend that works for CNBC stopped by. Tough time sleeping saturday night for me. Had a good ride sunday. Good music and BBQ at the finish line.
        The only diffrence this year was this. Not much cheering going on at each rest stop like last year. There was more cheering in the 2005 MS-100. Most of the cheering was at the finish of both days.

       Would like to thank my mom, World Wide Gear, FMBA #29, Attilio's Kitchen, Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby, Cycle Craft bike shop, The few members from the Belleville Councilman John Notari, Kids Swap in Denville, NJ,, Some friends that are members of, Franklin Hairdresser, Joey's Pizza, K of C #835 members and the many friends. Support from Scout Troop #364, Bert for driving to and home from the MS-100 tour and of course my mother.

       If you like to learn more about this MS chapter. Please go to Greater North Jersey Chapter for more information.

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