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'Flood and Ride'

        November 11, 2004 . . .Big Mike words.... Always a first time for something. Will tell you why in a minute.

>> Sept 18th . . . I woke about 5:45am. The ground was wet and no rain in sight. Ate and dressed up in bike uniform. Mom did her thing. packed up the car and out by 6:30am. We hit the rain band half way on Route 78 west. We hit a heavy rain band while driving south on route 287 south. So bad, we could not see the signs. The rain let up for a bit when we reached the Verizon parking lot. Had time to take the bike out of the car and bring my luggage to the truck and sign in. My mother left as the rain begins again. As it hit 8am. The tour director delayed the tour till 9am. A lot of cyclist trying to stay dry under the tent. Can not fit everyone under the tent. As it hit about 9am. The MS offical came on the microphone to announce the tour is cancelled for the day. The roads are flooded out from the heavy rain. Ivan's rain that is. The Parsippany Hilton was not expecting the MS riders to come in till later in the day. But we was asked to hang out at the Hilton for the day. Lunch will be served at the hotel. I got a ride with my bike from a friend I met from the May bike tour. The rain let up as we left Verizon parking lot. I hung out at the hotel. Had lunch and chat with friends and other cyclist. Got my room about 12:30pm. Saw a few breaks of blue sky and a peak of sun after 1pm. Went swimming and in the whirl pool. Then went into the weight room. Chat on my cell with a few people. Then the fire alarm went off before dinner. Place was not evacauted. But I went out to see what was going on anyway? At the same time, I saw a double rainbow. The air outside got pretty chilly and dry. Took a long nap before dinner. Dinner and then watch a good comedy show. One of the comedian is a cyclist. His name is Eric. Oh, each room suppose to have 2 person a room. I wind up having the room to myself. Awesome!!! Bed 11pm.

>> November 19th, 2004 . . . I had set-up the alarm clock to wake me for 6:20am. But it never sounded. I woke instead at 6:45am. Then the wake-up phone call came in at 7am. Already dressed and packed. Ate and got my luggage. Then got my bike. Went out to feel how cold it was. It was chilly out for sure. Got my blue raincoat. signed out and gave them my card key. Almost lost my bike glove. Call my mother to tell her I'm leaving. Left at 8:10am on my bike. Almost went the wrong way on route 10 west.
  • Made the first rest stop at 9:17am in Mendham Twp. parking lot. Glasses was fogging up. I think becuase heat was being created inside of my blue raincoat. But I took off the raincoat at the first rest stop. Max speed at 24.9 mph, average speed 13.6 mph. Before reaching the second rest stop. I was coming off a downhill. A lady in a sort of a white car stopped at a stop sign on the right side. The lady decides to go as I come very near her. I almost went into her. But do not worry. I prepared myself and was ready. Had a feeling it might happen. The cyclist in a purple and white jersey behind me saw it all unfold. He thought I was gonna go into her car. I was near the middle of the street. How can a ding dong like her come out like she did.
  • Reached the second rest stop at the Far Hills Railroad Station at 10:17am. Max speed 28.1 mph and average speed at 14.0 mph. Awhile after leaving the second rest stop. I went into a gravel pit. Did not see it till the last second. Was going on a left bend turn at about 19 mph and a pickup truck on my left. This kind of old lady behind me on a bike said something to me, but did not hear her. Did take pictures of a small airport. Airplanes as close as 50 yards from the road. Plus took picutres of cows at a farm.
  • Made the third rest stop at 11:28am. Which is lunch at Pluckemin Schoolhouse Park. Left lunch at 12:22pm. The air is not chilly anymore. Do not know how I did this part coming up.
  • I missed the fourth rest stop. Which was at the Millington Railroad Station. I made it to the finish line at 2:03pm. The finish line was at the Verizon Wireless parking lot. They had a lot of food and the music was good. Chat with friends. Suppose to take pictures with the Wayne Police bike crew saturday night and or today. But they never did. I did get a Wayne Police patch. Did call mom to tell her I am at the finish line. I even went ahead and wrote my name on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Left 3:30pm. Home by 4pm. Un-pack, tv, eat more food and slowly falling asleep.
Big Mike's Word . . . To finish this all up. The tour ended in the middle of the first day in the MS-170 a few years ago. Because of a severe storm warning for the area after the lunch rest stop. This is the first time that the MS-100 had to cancel a day ride. It was for safety reason. The roads was flooded and lighting in the area. Had a close call with a female driver. Missing the fourth rest stop. Always something new every year. My words to everyone I know these days. Always expect the un-expected. You never know what is gonna happen. Be prepared for anything. My cycling in the two MS bike tours would not be possible without my mother. I thank my mom for driving me evey year to the two MS bike tours. She is awesome!!

* Anyone wishing to join the bike tour or become a volunteer in the Greater North Jersey Chapter, give a call at 201-967-8687.

** Raised a total of $580.00 for the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter. (smile)

*** To know more about riding or volunteering in the September 2005 bike tour for the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter. Then give a call to 201-967-8687 for more information.

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