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   (updated May 14, 2006)

'Big Mike' comfy MS-100 bike ride

*** Now here is the load down with the stuff that happened during the MS 100 mile bike tour on September 22 & 23, 2001.

Sept. 22nd...... I saw a guy riding one of them small trick bike in the Ramsey Train station. This guy did not ride the little bike on the tour. He was goofing off. But another biker was wearing a clown outfit. Including a red clown wig ontop of his helmet. I bumped into a biker that IS from Belleville with his friend. I do have him on video. A lot of bikers had a flag on the bike. One biker had a flag on the very front of the bike. Looked like the biker was ready for jousting. I have seen bikers with flag on the front or back of the bike. Some with flags on there helmet. Some had the flag hooked up to there backpack. Me.....I had a bandana that looked like a Amercan flag attached to my bike helmet. Plus a small flag attached to the back of my bike. Anyway, the weather at the start of the tour was foggy and a bit cloudy. Took a long while before the fog cleared and the sun to come out. Was warm from 12 noon and on. The tour started at 8am, but I left 10 minutes after. I was a bit slow. Because I did not train much for this bike tour. I wind up getting muscles spasm during the last 20 miles. Did not drink enough water I guess. Reached the Legends Resort in Vernon, NJ by 3:10pm. First thing I did was jump into the spa to relax my muscles. Then jumped in the indoor pool. My last time in a pool till the summer of 2002. SMILE!! BBQ by the outdoor pool for all the MS bikers. After eating, I was chatting away with my mother and my girlfriend by phone. My long time friend Rahcael came by with her mom to watch the comedy show with me. The comedian was Joey Kola. Yes! The same friend I rode my bike to. Which was from Belleville to Newton during the late summer of 1988. My half sister Gina, her mom and a couple of my half brother kids came by to see me at the resort. Gina gave me a $100.00 check for MS. They was all happy to see me again. I carried that check with me throughout the whole tour. Bed by 11pm.

Sept. 23rd...... Woke 6am. Done things early this time. The tour started at 8am. I left on time with the others. The very first hill was a tough one. The toughest climb of the day was only a mile from the resort. My gears slipped big time trying to climb the hill and my legs was straining. Did not walk up the hill at all. I pedaled my way up the hill. Anyway, the sun was out most of the day and again warm during the afternoon. The warmer it got. The more I was concern of getting muscle spasm. This time I drank enough water. Took some cool pictures along the way. Even got to meet my friend that works at Space Farm in Beemerville, NJ. Finally reaching route 636. Climbing a hill. I was relaxed climbing it. A short time into climbing the hill. A biker fell right in front of me. Got up and holding his left side. Then had a not so happy look on his face. His gears or something on his bike made him fall flat to his left. He did get back onto his bike and kept going. Then lunch at Soke State Park just off of route 206. Took a nap after eating. Smooth riding from here on. Chatting and enjoying the rolling hills all the way to the finish line. Reached Port Jervis Historical Train Station in NY by 2:50pm. Called my mother, changed to dry clothes and ate pizza. Put my bike onto the American Van Line 18 wheel truck with all the other bikes. Listen to the MS regular DJ. At 5pm, all bikers boarded the NJ Transit train. While riding the train back to Ramsey, NJ. One of the train cars had a party going on. A limbo party that is. Even kids on the train got into the act. Even I did the limbo on the train. Always the first time for everything. Takes like an hour and a half to get back to Ramsey train station. Got home and relax in front of the TV and then slowly fell asleep.

*** Now to tell you how much I raised for Multiple Sclerosis. But first! I thought I mention. I did a two day Car Wash on September 29th and 30th, 2001. I split the money into three parts. The one part is for Multiple Sclerosis. MS is getting $124.00 from the car wash. Now the total amount from collecting and the car wash. Not bad!! Will do better next year for this 100 mile bike tour. I thought I was gonna hit the $1,000 mark for the first time for this MS-100 bike tour. It was kinda close. The total collected was $833.00.

* Anyone wishing to join the bike tour or become a volunteer in the Greater North Jersey Chapter, give a call at (201) 967-8687.

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