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 (Updated August 17, 2010)

       These are Mike's friends that has there own website on the world wide web. Some has good site and good info. So go on in and check out all the sites. Let them know they have a good site by e-mailing them. Plus they are good friends. . . . . SMILE ! ! !
       KIDS . . . Please get permission from your parents before clicking any links below. That goes for any website you enter.
       Website links below are NOT done by Bike Mike World. Website links below are owner of that site. If you have any questions about that particular website. Please contact that site. NOT Big Mike.
       Please e-mail Big Mike if there is any link breaks, the site has bad language or bad photos. So he can quickly take that website off. Click the "BM Mail" envelope above in the navigation bar. Thank You !!

what's new hereBM 09 SMALL LOGO Lil Burger (NJ, USA)
The owner is pretty cool. Opened up it first fast food place in Nutley, NJ. The other well known small burger meat is thin and sqaure. Lil Burger patties is thicker and round. Lil Burger taste great. Has more choices. People at Lil Burger are friendly. Mike wishes them lots of success in the business. Say Bike Mike recommeneded you there.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Montclair Bikery (NJ, USA)
The owner and the rest of the Bikery crew are great people. This bike shop is located on Valley Road in Montclair, NJ. Nice bike shop and honest. This bike shop is one of many sponsered bike shops involved with the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 bike tour. They are involved in racing. Go to there website for more information. You can also check out the Racing Flyer on area races. Say you have reached the bike shop website through Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Cycle Craft (NJ, USA)
Here is a really awesome bike shop. Cycle Craftis bike shop is in three locations in New Jersey. The locations are Chester, NJ and Parsippany, NJ. The one in Parsippany is on Route 46 East. They have everything you need to get out pedaling. Cycle Craft even has a wall mounted replica Lance Armstrong bike. Plus other awesome Lance Armstrong items. While supplies last.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Camp Marcella
This be Mike's most favorite camp in the world. He has gone to this camp for 12 years. It is those that is visually blind / impaired and handicap for kids and teens. Learn more by going to this offical website. Kids and teens will make lots of friends and will surely have a great time. A time of your life. Something you will never forget.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Darce Jean
Darce has a web designer site. Cool site though. Fine Art, Digital Art and more. "Bike Mike World" is linked to the site.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO David Henderson (England)
My new friend David Henderson is a farmer from Enland. He is planning to do a long walk from England to France in July of 2007 for a good cause. Go ahead and read more on David's site. Please support his walk. Write to him and maybe you like to help him. Tell your friends about David. Say you have reached David Henderson from Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Turn Bull Studio (NJ, USA)
Bill takes great photos. He took a lot of photos for the Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby June of 2006. Say you have reached Turn Bull Studio from Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO "CloArt" (Venice, Italy)
My new friend Janys has a cool website. Mainly all on really nice scene photos. Check it out! Might like the pictures and purchase a picture or two when you are on her website. Say you have reached CloArt from Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO KID'swap Store (NJ, USA)
Mike friend (F.M.) and wife owns a kids store in Denville, NJ called KIDswap. Got cool stuff for kids from clothes to toys. A support to Mike in his riding the Multiple Sclerosis bike tours. Please support them by going to the website.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Attilio's Tavern (NJ, USA)
GRAND OPENING COMING IN THE SPRING OF 2008!!!! Come into New Jersey and try out Attilio's Tavern in Dover, NJ. Enter the site and check out the history of Attilio's, the menu, photos of the great and wonderful Attilio's Tavern staff and more. Say you have entered through Bike Mike World. Attilio's Tavern use ot be Attlio's Kitchen and had named a sandwhich after Mike. Maybe if you ask for it. Maybe you will get it for you. The name of the special was called "Big Mike Ham & Cheese" Sandwhich. They might even tell you a short story on Big Mike.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO DJMC Entertainment (NJ, USA)
Everyone that works for DJMC is my friend. DJMC Entertainment does birthdays, weddings and other special occasion for a reasonable price. Have known him since high school. He be Michael Chieffo from DJMC Entertainment. He also does a Christmas event every year in December. Photo with Santa, snack, music from WKTU radio, special characters, un-wrapped toys for kids with cancer and so on.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Chris Burke (USA)
Here is a good friend of mine. I do not think of him as a star. Stars I meet is normal like you and me. He has Down Syndrome and he also has a dream. He followed his dream and did something about it. He became an actor on two hit TV shows in the 1980s. "Life Goes On" and Touched By An Angel". Oh, he is also the spokesperson for the National Down Syndrome Society. Say you have reached the place from Bike Mike World.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO "Perfect Pitch" Home-Run Derby Homepage (NJ, USA)
Website has been re-done. My friends from Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby has been raising money for different groups for 6 years. Ended the derby in June 2007. They was raising money for disabled and disadvantaged children and it shows how much they care. Half of the members was from Attilio's Tavern and a bunch of other great volunteers. Photos from 2002 to 2007 is in "BM Photos".

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Russo's Graffix (NJ, USA)
A long time friend has created a cool looking page. She learns fast on how to use HTML to make a webpage. She does great with her work. She update her site when needed. Go ahead and check it out. Lots of graphics....or should I say graffix. Like tubes, wallpaper, screensavers, skins, tiles and photos.(smile)

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Diamond Cycle (NJ, U.S.A.)
Diamond Cycle located in Montclair, N.J. (U.S.A.) on Bloomfield Ave. They got the coolest road bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, skate boards and lots more. Even has used bikes for sale. They also repair and tune-up bikes. If and when you call or go to Diamond Cycle store. Mention you heard it from Bike Mike World. If it was not for Diamond Cycle in 1990. Mike would not even be in MS bike tours. Thanks!

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