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 (Updated August 17, 2010)

       The links you see are local sites in Belleville, New Jersey. Maybe a few from neighboring Nutley and Bloomfield. Can check out the Belleville Fire Department. Go ahead and check out the links.
       NOTE !! If you know of any Belleville, Bloomfield or Nutley, New Jersey links. It can be people or business URL's. Please send the URL to Big Mike. So he can check it out and link it to this "BM Local Sites" page.
        »KIDS . . . Please get permission from your parents before clicking any links below. Your parents should know at all time what website you enter.

what's new hereBM 09 SMALL LOGO Lil Burger (NJ, USA)
The owner is pretty cool. Opened up it first fast food place in Nutley, NJ. The other well known small burger meat is thin and sqaure. Lil Burger patties is thicker and round. Lil Burger taste great. Has more choices. People at Lil Burger are friendly. Mike wishes them lots of success in the business. Say Bike Mike recommeneded you there.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Old Belleville
You wondering the history of what Belleville was like back then. Jump into this website and learn some Belleville history. Here is one for you . . . Belleville stands for "Beautiful Village". The site was done by a Belleville resident name Anthony. Good Job!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Village of Second River - Belleville, NJ
The creator of the "Cherry Blossom Village" has created a cool site about his version of Belleville, NJ. Read the stories and check out the cool photos

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Cherry Blossom Village - Belleville, NJ
May not be the offical Belleville Cherry Blossom website. It has good info on the Cherry Blossom in the great township of Belleville, NJ. Come in and check out the cool photos and short stories. A local Belleville resident created this.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Township of Belleville, NJ Site
This is the offical township of Belleville, NJ website. All info on all needed to know about this Beautiful Township.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO World Wide Gear (Belleville, NJ)
World Wide Gear website is off the air till farther notice. World Wide Gear sells uniforms for all kinds of sports. Even school sports uniforms and jackets. Also a big supporter to Big Mike. Please support them by going to the website and checking out the products. Thanks!!

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Worrall Community Newspaper - Belleville Post.
Here is the local newspaper website from Worrall Community Newspepr.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Belleville Recreation Department
(is updated when it is needed) Information on sports like baseball, basketball, football, softball, tennis, special events and lots more here on the Rec House homepage. Information for any sports or special events. Please call (973) 450-3422 or (973) 450-3386.

BM 09 SMALL LOGO Township of Nutley, N.J.
Our neighboring town of Nutley is now on the web. Check it out when you get the chance. It has info like town events, stories, about the town, business in Nutley, town meetings and lots more. Tell them that Big Mike sent you.

Hey! The Belleville Fire Department is on the air. You will know about the Belleville Fire Department. Like how many fire stations are there in Belleville to what calls they respond to and more.

You will know about this local cable access channel. When it started and lots more. Belleville related stuff will be in this page in the future. Mention you reached local station WBHS through "Bike Mike World".

BM 09 SMALL LOGOCable Access Channel WBMA - 35 TV (Bloomfield, N.J.)
Mike use to be apart of this channel when it use to be in the Bloomfield Library bottom floor. Mike also helped tape the late President Bush at Bloomfield Town Hall. This site streams video programs on the website. In case you do not have Comcast Cable. Pro gram schedules, channel forum and more.

Belleville's hometown public library. You will find things like library mission statement, general library information, library calendar of events, library news, and about Belleville, N.J. So check it out. E-mail them that "Big Mike" sent you.

Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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