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 (Updated Febraury 20, 2009)

     Welcome to Torchbearer Big Mike's Olympic Page. Short info how the olympic flame was carried across the Untied States. Short detail with a link to full story about the olympic torch. Plus about Big Mike Dowd. Also include photos with caption.

The 2002 XIX Winter Olympic Games
The United States won a total of 34 medals.

     The 19th 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games will be something Mike will never forget. So to go back on the 2002 Winter Games. To remember how it all went. Then go to the 2002 Salt Lake Games website. Which is now hosted by

     To check out the past Olympic events like the 2002 Winter Games and know the future Olympic Games. It is recommended to head for the offical IOC Olympic website to find the information you might be looking for.

     The Athens 2004 Summer Games was a special Summer Games. Because the torch relay went around the world. To all seven continnents. Before it came to Athens, Greece. Plus Mike almost had the chance to carry the 2004 olympic torch as a backup torchbearer. Want to remember the 2004 Games? You would have to go the 2004 Athens part of the site in order to see the photos and all of the 2004 Games information again.

     Click play to see the Atlanta Olympic Torch Relay come Through Belleville, NJ in June of 1996. If you know what Mike looks like. You will also see him in the video. Turn on your speaker to hear the sound. Video done Anthonyds24.

     Here is a short info about Sam Shelton. Who created the 2002 Olympic Torch. Sam Shelton also created the 1996 olympic torch. To learn more of the creation of the 2002 olympic torch. Why he made the torch the way he did. Then you need to go to the 2002 Olympic Torch website.

Sam Shelton holding the 2002 torch he created
A photo of Professor Sam Shelton holding
the 2002 olympic torch he created.
Photo By: Sue Clites

      How did Bike Mike Dowd get the chance to carry the 2002 Olympic Torch you ask? Follow from the first link on how he got the chance to the last link page in this section.

This section are photo links. When Mike carried the olympic torch to showing the torch around.
More photos coming soon.

Photos By Scott W.

Photo Page One

Photo Page Two

Photo Page Three

Photo Page Four

Photo Page Five

Photo Page Six

Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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