Torchbearer Mike Photo Page
   (Updated January 1, 2002)

Torchbearer Big Mike Dowd
Photo Page One

t-olympicletter.jpg Here is the copy of the letter I first got back on August 29, 2001. But the letter was dated August 28, 2001. Was so excited when I recieved this. To read the letter. Click to enlarge the letter.

mike-olympic-stuff.jpg Here Big Mike's stuff he is gonna wear on sunday, December 23, 2001. Which also shows the Belleville newspaper mixed in there. Mike finally got his stuff on wednsday, December 19, 2001.

miketorchshirt.gif Here is a photo of Big Mike in his 2002 Olympic Torchbearer T'shirt he bought from the offical olympic torchbearer catalog.

w-miketorchparade.gif A photo of Big Mike next to a 1970 Mack CF-60 pumper fire truck. Friend Scott Wentworth owns this truck. Big Mike was riding ontop of the fire truck while waving the American flag in the Belleville/Nutley Columbus Day Parade October 7, 2001.

w-miketorchparade2.gif This pic you see here is Big Mike ontop of the fire truck before the Belleville/Nutley Columbus Day Parade on October 7, 2001.

w-miketorchparade3.gif Here is a pic of My friend Fireman Scott Wentworth and I (Big Mike) ontop of his fire truck before the Belleville/Nutley Columbus Day Parade 2001.

proud-mike-flag.gif Big Mike waving the American flag at the grand stand of the Columbus Day Parade on October 7, 2001. Mike said, "When I heard my name and the crowd cheering. I started to think of the torch relay. I was pictureing I was waving the torch high in the air during the torch relay. Can not wait till the olympic torch relay!"

torch1996-2.gif Here is a pic of Mr. O'Donnell from the 1996 Summer Olympic Torch Relay through Belleville, NJ. My hair is a mess from biking along with the torch relay through town. Was trying to video tape the torch relay with a video camera attached to the bike.

torch1996.gif That is a photo of Big Mike from the 1996 summer olympic torch relay. After the torch relay came through town. Mike went to interview the Belleville resident that represented the town. His name is Mr. Willaims. He was nominated by his karate students. After the interview with him for WBHS-34. He let Mike hold the his torch that he ran with. He said the torch cost him $250.00 to keep. Mike remember telling him, "I wish I ran with the torch."
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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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