Torchbearer Mike Photo Page

(December 7, 2001)

     Big Mike Dowd was honored at the Concern Citizen of Belleville Christmas Party. He was the guest host honoree. The plaque reads......"Concerned Citizens of Belleville Salutes Michael Dowd Chosen To Carry The Olympic Flame For The Olympic Torch Relay Of The 2002 Winter Olympics". Everyone at the party likes to know where I (Big Mike) is going to carry the torch. They want to be there to see me go by the day I carry the torch. I do represent the township you know. SMILE!! Also was recgonized and a guest host....announcing a few acts at the local H.S. Talent Show the same night.

Vinnie Frantantoni present Mike with a award.

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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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